Bring Out Your Lead / BOYL 2020

Friday, 31st of July - Sunday, 2nd August. In 2020.

Provided its still going ahead - is anyone attending?

I went last year and despite only being able to make it for a few hours, I had an absolute blast! Even met John Blanche and got my Inquisitor 54mm rulebook signed by him.

I’d be up for a game of something there if anyone was interested. Maybe WFB 6th edition or Inquisitor!

That would be so cool, but living in Sweden its a bit too far Im afraid. My priorities for Hobby related travels this year are Blood Bowl EuroBowl and Warhammer World. :slight_smile:

@tjub give us a shout when if/when you go to Warhammer World! I’m there pretty much everyweekend so it’d be great to grab a pint and a game!

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Cool, I will! Was supposed to go with some friends this April, but you know… Some stuff got in the way. Plan is for later this year and if that fails Ill try and combine it with the NAF Championship next year in May. :slight_smile: