Bull Centaurs - want to give away!

Does anyone want my bull centaurs from the “Russian Alternative”? Apart from postage you don’t have to invest anything! Interested?

The models are painted and can be seen in my thread.


I would snaffle them if …I didn’t already have a load of Russian alternative miniatures still in their boxes and unpainted. Oh the shame of them. Haha. So thank you but I’ll pass Zanko :slight_smile:

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Psst! There’s a Secret Santa coming up - looks like you’ve already got something to give away!

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I had thought of that, but 6 Bull Centaurs and 1 Bull Centaur Hero are probably more than “Secret Santa” intended! :wink:

Fair enough!
And whilst I would definitely enjoy turning one into a Lammasu at 15mm, I wouldn’t want to split a unit or destroy someone else’s paint job.

I hope someone can find a good home for them though.

Since I am not the gifted painter “before the Lord” , it would be perfectly fine for me if a new owner would discolour and repaint them!

I would be happy to use them in my big hat army. I have been after some Bull centaurs for a while but never managed to get some.

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Very nice, then send me your address via PM!


Are the Russian alternative Bulls suitable for 25mm x 50mm bases? they look smaller than the forgeworld ones but not enough for me to use them for 6th ed WFB

The BC from Russian Alternative do not fit on a 25 x 50 mm base, on a 50 x 75 mm base they fill out well. As can be seen quite well here in the photo.

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