Buyer's Corner: Dominion on Sale

Dominion, with its 20 Hobgrots, is now £87.50 in the UK due to a Warhammer Day sale.

A lot of chat and DMs saying - what should one do? Buy it and break it up, selling off the parts you don’t want? Buy it and keep it in a loft shrink wrapped to re-sell in 10 years? Just buy the ordinary hobgrot 20x box? What’s the best move?

If you want to collect either of these two armies in full, you should buy Dominion.

If you want to get individual units from the Dominion box, my view is that you should not buy Dominion, even at this price.

That’s because this price will cause more people to buy it and sell off all or part of the contents, crashing prices all over again on eBay.

On eBay, even last week, you could pay as little as 65p per Hobgrot including postage. Many of us have hoovered up similar deals recently. You should do the same.

Remember to sort by “Price Lowest inc P&P” and then scroll past the idiots selling individual miniatures.

It will be many, many, many months before anyone should consider buying the Hobgrots box itself. It’s up at something like £1.60/grot and that’s almost three times what we were paying before Dominion got discounted.

  1. Do the math, including postage, to calculate price per mini

  2. Don’t buy until you see a genuinely good discount; remember to check marketplaces regularly using the right search filter!

If you live abroad, the values will be different, but remember:

  1. If you see a good deal in another country (likely the UK) just post up here or on Discord for a friend you can ship it to and then get it sent on.
    Try to estimate the postage as best you can based on a realistic rate and recalculate the £/mini before going ahead with it.
    I do this for people a lot because I’m based in the UK, but you can find all sorts of helpful people all over the world.
    Enter your friend’s postcode to eBay and it will recalculate the basket accordingly.