CDO Community Awards 2022!

Hello Chaos Dwarfs Online and welcome to the Community Awards 2022 thread.

Over the month of December, you, the users of this forum, will be allowed to nominate and vote for members of your community who you believe deserve recognition for their hard work, creativity, attitude and general brilliance.

At the start of the new year the winners of these awards will be announced. As well as this they will receive a medal, designed by @Loidrial and shown here:


What awards are available?

Best Hobby Blog: 21E46816-6457-4EA0-954E-0AA5842A5137This user has had an exciting, engaging and regularly updated hobby blog. Their conversions have inspired you, their paint jobs are a feast for the eyes and their output is staggering. You almost hate them. But they are just so damn talented. They deserve the award.

Best User:21E46816-6457-4EA0-954E-0AA5842A5137 This user is the true spirit of CDO. They are a constant source of positivity and encouragement. They spend time feeding back to other users, they always focus on what is best about the work of others and they generally make CDO a lovely place to be. If you saw this user, you’d definitely buy them a pint. But this is a forum and not a pub, so instead, you’ll give them this award.

Above and Beyond:21E46816-6457-4EA0-954E-0AA5842A5137 This user has done one or many things this year that are above and beyond what is expected of a member of this forum. Maybe they have dedicated time, energy and expertise towards improving the website and forum. Perhaps they have spread the news of this website far and wide to the wider world. What they have done is above and beyond what is expected of any website member. They deserve this recognition.

Best New User: 21E46816-6457-4EA0-954E-0AA5842A5137 They haven’t been here long, but by Hashut they have made an impact! This category is for user accounts under 1 years old. (The account…not the user…). This user has engaged well and rapidly become a positive influence in the community and looks set to continue to do so!

Best new hobby blog: 21E46816-6457-4EA0-954E-0AA5842A5137This award is for a hobby blog that is just starting out. It cannot be over one year old. This user has only just started documenting their path to Hashut, but it is a promising start and we hope to continue following it for years to come!

How does this work?

These awards do not require any formal “nomination” however, users may chose to comment below and share what users they think deserve awards and why. This doesn’t count as a vote. This just means you are publicly praising a forum user and telling them you think they are brilliant. You are also bringing their name and achievements to the attention of the voters. To vote, you need to simply send a message to @CommunityAwards explaining who you are voting for and for what award. You don’t need to explain why, just names and awards are fine. They do not have to be users that have been nominated publicly on this thread. You may vote for multiple people for the same award. You do not have to vote in every category.

An example of how to vote

An example message to @CommunityAwards may read something like this:
Subject: Community Awards 2021
Best Hobby Blog: John Doe, Joe Bloggs
Best User: Brian Passman
Above and Beyond: None

How are winners selected?

The inbox of the @CommunityAwards will not be monitored until near the beginning of 2023. At this point, voting will close and the winners will be announced. A user may only win one award each. If a user has received top votes in two categories, the category with the most votes will be their winning category and the second highest ranking user in the other category will receive that award. In the case of a tie, assuming both users have not received an award in another category, they will both receive the award. Votes will be kept secret. You cannot ask how many votes you received. Well you can…you just wont be told!

When does nomination and voting start?

NOW! Comment below and tell us who you think is a hobby hero! Who has a brilliant blog?! Who is a super nice human being? Who has gone above and beyond this year? Nominate as many people as you like for each category below. Once ready, start sending your votes to @CommunityAwards .

Happy Voting. See you all in the new year for the awards!


For best hobby blog I nominate:
@Zoddtheimmortal Zodd’s Realm of Pastel Witness the glory of our ever vigilant, enters armies every contest, turquoise and pink frosting enjoyer, Zodd.

For best new hobby blog I nominate:

@flagellant04 coming in :fire: with some double decker madness, we all have heard tale of his collecting, now bearing painted fruit. (an unfortunate rarity among tub of shame havers)


@Thom-Thumb dropping exquisite DIY bighats from day 1, certainly a young blog to watch


I second a nomination for @Zoddtheimmortal on hobby blog. A blog I always come back to.

Nominate @chitzkoi for above and beyond. He’s a reprehensible human being but his BATG sports analysis has been above and beyond and people have derived a lot of joy for it.


Best New User: @Thom-Thumb . It’s got to be @Thom-Thumb . The guy is productive, positive, he casts his sculpts, he’s interested in casting some our other heritage stuff, and he’s from the only acceptable country in the world. I think a lot of folks feel like he’s a shot in the arm we’ll all benefit from, and we’re lucky that big hats fit his taste.