CDO Instagram account

Ciao everyone!
In the last days we discussed in discord, and we came up with the idea of share our (old)world on Instagram too!

We have a nice fanbase, really active group on Facebook and discord server

We think that expanding there where more people can browse via tags could help bring even more worshippers!

We would share pics, wips, lore, contests and podcast.
All the big things we will do here, it will be posted there aswell, hoping to grow in a even bigger community! :chaos1:

So if you like, check the link! More bighats (and helmets too) stories await you!

We started obviously with the recruiting pic that @Admiral made time ago, there is no better way!

:hat8: Ciao!!
:tongue0: .:pizza:


Haha, excellent! Good initiative, and it warms my hearr to see the poster gets used. Once upon a time I signed up to Instagram, but I could not make head or tails of the site and soon gave up.

Great to hear you’ve got it covered. :hatoff:

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