Chaos Dwarf Big Hat Army

Hi Everyone,

I have a rather old chaos dwarf Army, Big hats, from the early 90s, I am just trying to get an idea how much it is worth and where would be the best place to sell it. If it would be good to sell as a single lot or split. Also should I strip the old paint I have on them? Just a whole lot of questions
I have
21 x Chaos Dwarf Axe Men
15 x Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss
2 x Chaos Dwarf musicians
2 x Chaos Dwarf standard bearers
4 x Chaos Dwarf Centaurs
8 x Hobgolin wolf riders
1 x Earthshaker Canon and crew
1 x missile launcher and crew
1 x Chaos Dwarf lord on great taurus
1 x Chaos Dwarf sorcerer on great lamasu
1 x Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer (on foot)


hi there man! the best chance you have here for a whole evaluation is from @chitzkoi
generally speaking (i might be totally wrong) for what i saw being sold through the years:

lammassu + hero / taurus + hero on the range of 40/50
sorcerer 10

bull centaurs 10/20 each
troops 3/5 each
command kinda the same price

rocket 25/35
mortar 35/50

wolfriders they are so random, you always find them online for a crazy huge price, and i’d like to actually buy yours xD but i’ll ask chitz once again for the price
im based in italy in case

Loidrial is real close imo. I think the foot troops are worth a bit more. I paid those amounts back in 2010s would love that now.

You go to some Facebook trading groups and you’ll probably be able to get a little higher than this, but they’re just probably interested in flipping.

Everything in packages and sealed has a higher value but this is where I’d probably value your models

Lords on mounts 40-60 high end if you have the banner polls

Hero’s on foot magic or not 10-15 high end for banner polls

Bull centuars 10-15. Someone may pay 20 per but if you want to sell the. 10-15

Metal warriors 8-10 per
Blunderbuesses 10-12 per honestly the price for these two may as well flip for for each buyer. I value blunders over warriors, others other way.

Command 8-10 same as warriors

Rockets 30
Earth shaker 40-50 does it have its banner poll yes then higher

Hobgoblins are the ones worth the weight in gold as most people just didn’t buy the hobgoblins for whatever reason back then so now everyone wants them and they’re harder to find and the wolf riders especially you could probably get 20 for each

Now, all this said, that is what I would sell the individual model for or what I would buy a single model for if I was to buy in bulk I would lower the price because I’m buying in bulk like I wouldn’t pay top end numbers that I said for everything I would be more inclined to pay the lower end prices like if I bought 10 wolf riders I’m not gonna pay $200 I’ll pay 120 to 150 maybe pending on shipping. But if I was short one more rider, I might pay 20 just finish it off.

There are trading groups on Facebook, old hammer trading company, middlehammer trading company just type in anything Warhammer and trade and stuff will pop up. Yeah you’ll find something that you can probably get the highest in prices off of is there 1000s of people and some of them are maybe more desperate to get their hands on them, someone might buy the whole army, but you probably have to split if you wanna make more money. That being said, I would be interested in your metal warriors. Depending on the price.


The way to value anything in my opinion is to look at sold ebay listings.

Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss for example.

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@Pyroven While I tend to use this approach for many things, you need to be careful with this when it comes to more sought-after items. Savvy scalpers are known for selling stuff to themselves only to list them again. I think there was a discussion on the Discord on this a few days ago.


Happy to buy the whole lot for $500 USD + shipping costs to Canada. Def. not a re-seller. I’m just trying to grow my army without losing the kids’ college savings :wink:



That’s right there is the best deal he could get imo for those models/quantities. Still want the warriors :slight_smile: you have like 500 warriors already

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When I was collecting in 2020/21 the price points were as follows, priced in USD:
Mounted heroes: $60-80
Foot heroes: $20-25
Bull centaurs: $15-20
Metal axes: $10-12
Blunderbusses: $8-10 (I found these were more commonly available than axes and so ended up going for less)
Mounted hobbos: $15-18
Death Rockets: $35-40
Earthshakers: $55-65

Prices have cooled somewhat in the past year and lots sell for less than individual models. Also, prices tend to vary slightly by country with the highest commanded in the UK and US running cheaper. As @Pyroven said sold eBay listings are your best bet, try to take the average ignoring both extremes.

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we have a winner hauhuahuahuahu well done Nico, great catch!