Chaos Dwarf by Mad Dok Lab/Greenskin Brothers

Stumbled upon this miniature at “Mad Dok Lab” on Facebook. Available via their Ebay shop though labeled as “Greenskin Brothers”. Is it new or did you guys know about it? Anyway, might be a good idea to compile that post on available Chaos Dwarf related models…



The miniature is already very ingenious, but not cheap and also the postage from the USA is too high for me - it is just for one figure. It is a pity that the manufacturer is not based in Europe.

Hmm, from what I can tell the seller is based in Ukraine?

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I was distracted by the US dollar price tag. That’s right, it comes from the Ukraine, 8 US dollars postage for a miniature is still too high for me!

Yep, I know this model. That model created and sculpted by me. At the beginning of this studio I did to models. One of them orc from 40k. And second this dwarf. I asked from them to do for me couples copies. After I send one of them to RA production. And give to them my permission to cast this model. Bat you can see that GSB still selling this dwarf.


Ah, its this guy…


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Very cool, then I can order it with my next RA order! I hadn’t even noticed that it is available at RA!

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