Chaos Dwarf Lammasu

“The Lammasu”

A lonely figure walked through the labyrinthine hallways. The passages of ancient obsidian walls reflecting the dim green light emanating from the spire of his staff, like Morrslieb on water in a deep well. The tunnels seemingly carved trough the very mountain itself… The silence broken only by the tapping of his staff hitting the floor. After a sharp turn he stopped infront of what at first glance looked like a dead end. The wall infront of him was engraved from top to bottom with runic script, framed with skulls. The Magi cleared his throat and spoke with a deep and sonorous voice “Ashko Akhshami Ksy”.

The runes shimmered with a ruddy ruby glow. He pressed the palm of his hand against the wall, pushing it open and stepped inside the hidden chamber, entering a gloomy cavern… Meager light from a crack in the cave roof illuminated a large pile of offal and the bones of hundreds of creatures in the centre of the chamber.

Mumbling a few arcane words his staff ignited with green ethereal flame revealing the lair in full.

In the corner of the room stood a great slab covered with pelts. Around it was a small fortune of gold and silver trinkets haphazardly strewn. Resting upon the slab the enormous creature that could only be described as monster, a relic of forgotten ages. A flashing pair of yellow demonic eyes set in a huge humanoid skull. Great tusks sprouted from the corners of its mouth and a gigantic set of horns potruded from its mighty brow. The glint of intricate jewellry and gemstones were woven in its great beard. A waft of exotic myrhh almost masked its beastly smell of blood and wet fur.

He struck the cavern floor thrice and with a commanding deep voice the dwarf spoke in the Dark Tounge, an ancient guttural language.

"Hail Aghamenen, Terror of the Wasteland ! Great is your fame, most ancient and wise of your kin! I am known as Zuruf , Binder of Bone and Iron.

I bid thee honour our ancient pact and render me your sage advice and destructive power."

The beast exhaled, a long arduous sigh.


Wonderful art and writing. Magnificient!

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That lammasu sounds so disinterested… I love it! Why answer the call of a self important sorcerer when you can lounge around your pile of treasure?


Thank you Ashur! Funnily enough i added that last line the second before i posted the story. It lay languishing , unfinished for months, but the second i decided to post it, it popped up, Pretty cool actually it kinda brought the whole thing together…And i dont take credit for it, this was some gods work of fate or something. I couldnt finish the story someTHING helped me. Maybe a Lammasu who knows?!


Thank you Dearly! For your support and friendship over the ages. Because i think we can call it that now. Decades where weve known each other over the net and looked and read each others works. I hope to meet you in the flesh someday Admiral. And probably get really drunk knowing me. I love you. Honestly. You are and always have been such a firebrand with a burning passion which i could never summon. And you have my admiration for your passionate heart and deep literature witch builds bones over stories and clothe them in flesh and sinew explaining it all as you go.