Chaos dwarf - pirates

Then I sawed the new model of chaos dwarf in warcry team. I start to think about chaos dwarf - pirates. I remember the ship from deadfleet.
So I wanted to do something like that ship.
And now, then I have a lot of time, during the corona vacation, I start with some drowning. This is not my strong side.

And 2 days of sculpt give me that monster.

That do you’re think about?


Looking good so far! I loved the dread fleet look

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Coming along very nicely thus far. Great attention to detail on the drawing. I especially like the waves around the vessel. The execution is very spot on to the drawing. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

The vehicle already looks very promising. How big should it be, or how many warriors should theoretically be transported with it?

Awesome stuff, can’t wait to see more :pirate_flag:

It already big enough. With tentacles 26 sm. long. And i do not want to do a full form of ship. Instead of this i won to keep it like on art. Just half above waterline.
I will make 2 crew members, and rest of command you can only imagine to yourself.
2 more WIPs


Man that looks really great! Incredible effort and you’ve really pulled it off!

Somewhat related - have you ever read The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath by HP Lovecraft? The Turban wearing slavers that feature in the book I always associate as being Chaos Dwarfs Pirates, I guess because of the Assyrian vibes.

Oh, so cool and really impressive! Will this be available for sale?

I can only fully agree with your opinion, just great and I would also like to know if it is for sale!

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The only one thing. I need to find someone to cast this monster.


Damn that’s cool.
Man O’ War is still my all time favorite GW game, but Dreadfleet was fun too.
I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your progress


WOW!!! this is a very cool idea and well executed.


I would for sure snag a copy of this if made available. Supreme work!

Very cool ship! Reminds me of the old Disney version of Captain Nemo’s ship from ‘20000 Leagues Under the Sea’. Yeah, I’m with everybody else here, sign me up for a copy should this ironclad mollusk ever be launched.

Yep, this is incredible! Any more updates on this beauty @Rozmax?

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