Chaos Dwarf Radio: The Brazen Broadcast #3

Great cast by the way guys, was again a really a joy to listen to whilst painting some Chorfs

I’d posted my K’Daai stuff after this was recorded so when you started going through all the options for minis I must admit I had my fingers crossed I wouldn’t see some I would of preferred to the Spirit Host conversion I eventually used.
Thankfully not much there, I would agree with @Oxymandias it’s tricky with fire sculpts to pull off, especially when you start going up to units of 6 and repetition comes into it.

Great interview too @Tyranno I’m definitely heading over to check out that new hobgoblin book, nice to hear some of your thoughts also on the fantastic CD army you’ve got going on


Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for feeding back @GhraskDragh

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