Chaos Dwarf Radio: The Brazen Broadcast Hobby Hangout #1

Welcome to the first informal hobby hangout presented by Chaos Dwarf Radio. @Reaver , @MichaelX and @Oxymandias talk about their current hobby projects whilst working on their current hobby projects (which we definitely don’t do while recording regular podcasts, mutes mic to lick brush). Pull up a beer and have a chair with us while we get more Chaos Dwarfs ready for the gaming table.

For our returning listeners, there is quite a unique surprise contained within, if you can stomach watching us bastards brazenly lick brushes for a couple hours. Keep an eye out for more news here on discourse.

Hobby hangouts have been a wonderful aspect that the discord has brought to this community. There are almost always a few folks available and willing to have a paint and chat.

We decided to record one hangout for fun. In the future this kind of format might give us an opportunity to discuss tangential topics that get snubbed from the podcasts proper. Let us know your thoughts on this format so we can refine it or nix it.

Beat your Hobgoblin slave into submission, throw a few Daemons on the fire, pick up your tools and join us as we talk all things Chaos Dwarf!

YouTube link: Chaos Dwarf Radio Hobby Hangout #1 - YouTube


Oh nice, be nice to have this on next time I get a chance to sit down properly and do some painting


Hah, my mom always said I was special, now I learn I am the oddity listening to the Brazen Broadcast as a Podcast and not on Youtube :slight_smile: It’s a source of pride for me that I usually have a decent image of the respective models in mind when you talk about a GH or Artisan’s :muscle:


Watching this on youtube instead of listening to it as a podcast or when I’m painting myself was quite the eye-opener

What we see:

What @Reaver sees:


Oh, and @Reaver, gluing (I guess?) a sprue under your war machines as a painting handle? GE-NI-US!


That is correct. When I don’t glue something to the base for painting purposes I usually try to glue some sort of candycane looking structure made from sprue to give myself a lolli handle.

LoA machines have a lot of opportunity given the cavities on the underside for multiple invisible glue points.