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There might be thread out there for this (but if so, I couldn’t find it).

With the latest Slaves to Darkness being released, I thought it might be interested for people to share ideas for using CD minis as proxies for human miniatures.

Here are a few calculations that might be worth considering:

CD Warriors / Infernal Guard => Chaos warriors, marauders, chaos legionnaires, iron golems
CD blunderbusses / fireglaives => Horns of Hashut
Bull Centaurs => chaos knights, varaguard, marauders (mounted), mounted lord
General on Bull Taurus (winged) => lord on manticore
Wizard on Lamasu / Bull Taurus => Sorcerer on manticore
deamonsmith / sorceror => sorceror
Bull Centaur Taur’ruk, Shar’tor => Ogroid Myrmadon, Centaurion, (Daemon prince??)
Bull centaur renders => Ogroid Theridons, (ally- dragon ogors)
K’Daai Fireborn => furies, scions of flame cultists, (allied daemons?)

Hobgoblins fighters=> Marauders (Allies - ungors)
sneaky gits => Corvus Cabal, splintered fang
hobgoblin arrer gits => corvus. (Allies - ungors, or Hedonites of Slaanesh)
hob wolf riders => marauders mounted

War Machines - sadly, not a lot of options. Gorebeast chariot, Mutalith Vortex Beast, War Altar, Soul Grinder come closest. For Allies: khorne skull cannon

3rd party minis
Lost Kingdom Immortals => Iron Golems (they have Ogre unit fillers, which work perfectly for IG)
LK General on taurus (no wings) => Lord on Karkadrak

What am I forgetting?


Hellcannon > hellcannon