Chaos Dwarf Total War Mod idea

I had some ideas for a Total War mod focusing on Chaos Dwarfs of course, part of it are some tweaks and some more units, but mainly focused on a new leader. (there is the asterisk if I am actually going around making it)
First the general tweaks and additions:

  • All resource buildings provide the resource, but only 5 per tier that currently don’t
  • Resource buildings also are made more unique:
    • Marble Quarry provide -5% build cost on local province
    • Obsidian Quarry provide a +10% money income on local province
    • Charcoal Forge (Timber) gives a faction-wide -5% upkeep on all “train” warmachines and Sorcerers
    • High-Quality Assembly Line (Iron) provides a faction-wide -5% recruitment cost on K’daai
    • Hattery is now provides its cost reduction province wide not just local region
    • Spice line provide a +1%/2%/3% on all trade tariffs
    • Dye-Maker provide faction-wide recruitment cost reduction of -2%/-4%/-6% for infantry, Heros, and Lords
    • Tusk Compound provides control +1/+2/+3 on local province
  • Outpost base building provides +1/+2/+3 control on local province
  • Basic Military buildings also provide garrisons
  • Hobgoblin building gets a tier 3 for new hobgoblin units (see below)
  • Ironworks line provides a replenishment bonus for warmachines and a campaign movement speed for armies starting in the local province
  • Signal Fires (skaven and pest protection) gets it cost cut in half, 5000 is just way to much
  • The tier 1 military district bonus of the Tower of Zharr is replaced with a extra wall attrition in sieges multiplied for each artillery present (if possible get an extra unit of goblin “sappers” so bomb-strapped goblins that deal a lot of building damage)

New Units for all chaos dwarfs:

  • Hobgoblin Khan a generic hobgoblin hero, a weaker version of Gorduz Backstabber, available in tier 3 of the hobgoblin building, it also increases the hero cap
  • Hobgoblin bolt throwers a unit of heavy crossbows each served by two hobgoblin, similar to Crane Gunners or Warplock Jezzails, a tier 3 unit
  • Hobgoblin Loota Kannonz Crews, a tier 3 hobgoblin artillery unit, their main gimmick is that they use looted cannons, this either manifest as all the artillery pieces are a random selection of grand cannon, mortars (empire or vampire coast), carronades, leadbelchers on small gun carriages, and multiple hand cannons served by 2 hobgoblins used like small mortars. The other option is that they can capture any (capture-able) artillery or get special weapons from defeating certain enemy units. They are can switch between grape shot ( mortars get fire a shot that burst in the air) and solid shot for any artillery they have. (in the worst case they might just be a units with 3 variants, of cannon, heavy, and light (belcher plus hand cannons) mortars.)
  • Chaos Dwarf Gunner Crew, a tier 3 or 4 missile infantry unit in the CD infantry building, based on the CD Swivel Gun, they need a moment to setup their guns before firing, but once done they can maintain a high fire rate. (this is the unit I am the least confident I can produce the required assets to make them work.)

That was a lot about the general changes and additions I would like to do in this mod, but now to the new Leader.

He is a Chaos Dwarf Navy Admiral, basing him of model and weapon wise on castellans. Focusing on naval and coastal combat and trading.
His faction boni are:

  • 1 conclave influence each trade agreement made
  • +10% income from all trade income and tariffs
  • 25% increased campaign naval movement and for armies starting in a coastal region.
  • +25% ambush chance in sea and coastal regions
  • All Ports provide +1 conclave influence and come with garrison and recruitment of Leader specific units Chaos Dwarf Marines and Hobgoblin Freebootaz
  • (if possible) an ability to get artillery bombardment in sea battles and battles in coastal region if a naval army is present in the same region or neighboring sea region

I don’t know where exactly the start location would be but somewhere west and south from the other CD faction, quite far actually since that corner of either map is getting kinda crowded by to many powerful Chaos Dwarf factions already and Cathy is already overrun (at least in my games). It would be a province capital with a port, that part would even be a special landmark port but not sure yet what it gets.

His Leadership boni are:

  • +15% range and reload speed for missile infantry and missile cavalry in his army
  • +10% army replenishment rate on army
  • While army is raiding: +25% ambush defense and no vigour penalty
    His starting units are:
  • 1x Chaos Dwarf Warriors
  • 2x Hobgoblin Freebootaz
  • 2x Chaos Dwarf Marines
  • 1x Magma Cannon

Now to his 3 special units:

  • Chaos Dwarf Marines are a variant of blunderbuss, but wielding no shield and carry either a blunderbuss carbine, or a dragon (the pistol version of a blunderbuss) which has less range, but reloads faster. This make them move faster and they have move & shoot and are aquatic. (so they are CD free company without vanguard deployment).
  • Hobgoblin Freebootaz are a tier 2 musket unit with backup sabers, they come with the special trait that gives +5% money income to raiding and post-battle rewards (they excel at sniffing out any hiding place of trinkets)
  • Hobgoblin Sharpshootaz are variant of the hobgoblin bolt thrower with a heavy rifle instead of the crossbow, generally lower firerate for longer range and damage.

edit: please feel free sharing your thoughts about my ideas here, I am interested in your feedback :smiley:

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I doubt many people here know much about modding TW.

So you say Total War, but CDs are in TW3 right? And how moddable is TW, TW2, TW3?

It’d be great to have various different types of CDs. I.e. the 80s, the 90s and the 2000s styles.

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this mod would be for the Chaos Dwarf of Total Warhammer 3.
I believe it has quite robust modding toola

Totally agree that Khans are big missing tabletop unit that should be easy to implement.

That said, why give hobgoblins guns when they’re already missing their canonical bolt throwers?


There’s actually no precedent for hobgoblins looting equipment, either Dark Lands or Khanate. Khanate hobgoblins on particular use distinctive arms and armour of their own manufacture. They also speak and behave differently to conventional greenskins (review the Ogla Khan’s Wolfboyz rules and lore for details). On that basis I don’t personally think looted equipment, which to be fair is not a WFB greenskin motif - it’s basically come from 40k only - is worth pursuing.


I already intent to add Bolt Throwers. I feel like they are best represented in modern models by the AoS Kruleboyz Beast-skewer Killbow, something that 2 hobgoblins can carry and move around.

the hobgoblins with firearms are like pirates since they are special units for an CD admiral, so his hobgoblins should be naval themed too

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ah so would this be like a regiment of renown? That would be pretty cool

Those are more planned as leader specific units, though the Sharpshootaz might be better as a regiment of renown.
But there is definitely some room for more RoR units, especially for the new units I planned out:

  • A infernal guard looking RoR of the chaos dwarf marines wielding fireglaives and perfect vigour :thinking: ?
  • Hobgoblins Loota Kannonz that has aquired dwarf artillery pieces which might be enough.
  • for hobgoblin infantry just 1 RoR would be enough, i am thinking hobgoblins with irl fire lances, so spears with 1 shot attached to them, working as near melee range attack of the blunderbuss, but not sold on it myself.
  • for sneaky gitz RoR I am thinking sapperz, either replacing their knifes with satchel charges, or they get a active ability that places explosives that do crazy damage to buildings and especially walls
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