Chaos Dwarfs in Total war warhammer

Yo, everyone! As Warhammer Total War 3 approaches many people believe that Chaos Dwarfs are going to be one of the launch factions. Especially because the last DLC started filling the map around the Darklands, namely adding Nagashizzar and the Plain of Bones all the way east to Pigbarter.

Now, my question is: who do you think is going to be the faction leader, and who are going to be our 4 legendary lords? Also, where is their starting location going to be?

I think that Drazoath is a given, starting either in the Black Fortress or in the Old World (because of Tamurkhan), with Cinderbreath as an unlockable mount and plenty of buffs for Infernal Guards. Probably he is going to have some sort of diplomatic penalty with other Chaos Dwarfs.

Astragoth is another easy one! But I am not sure whether he is going to start in Zharr Naggrund, for even though he is the High priest of Hashut his power over his people is waning. Which brings me to…

Gorth the Cruel. Or Zhatan the Black, either one (I believe Zhatan, having 3 casters would be too much). Either starting in Zharr Naggrund or in some far-flung place in search for more power. Whatever the case, if Gorth is going to be included I hope that they flesh his background out, and give him a bloody lammasu.

Don’t know about the fourth one. Could be Zhatan/Gorth (if they are both going to be included), or Rykarth. Maybe even Shar’Tor. Personally I would really like to see Shar’Tor as a playable character, for a towering Bull Centaur Lord would be too awesome to pass!

Regarding mechanics I believe we are going to see some sort of slave-based economy akin to the Dark Elves, and maybe a loyalty system? Like for the Dark Elves/Skaven/Vampire Coast.

What do you guys think?


Havent been able to play the older versions yet due to hardware, but this would be so cool it would be hard to not to upgrade… :crazy_face:
When is the release/preview?

same here!

There hasn’t been anything official (yet), this is all pure speculation! As of now the general feeling is that game 3 is going to drop at the end of this year. The missing “official” races are Ogres and Daemons. Other than that CA stated that they want to create single fations for each Chaos god, plus one for Chaos undivided…

Both game 1 and 2 had 4 starting races. Most likely in game 3 these are going to be Ogres, Kislev, Daemons, and Chaos Dwarfs. I can’t wait to see what our army will look like, and possible base some conversions on that :smiley:.

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We’d all be in for a surprise if Thymbrinn Snakebeard, breeder of Boar Centaurs, turned out to be one of the characters!


Since they clearly have access to the Dreadfleet content based on the VampCoast DLC I wouldn’t mind seeing an implementation of the Black Kraken somehow. Wishful thinking but would be fun.

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It’ll also be interesting to see what iteration of Chaos Dwarfs appear in the game. I doubt it’ll be the marauder-era CDs, and I think it’d really be down to either the old Big Hat models or Legion of Azgorh. I REALLY hope it’ll be the old Big Hats, I think CA could really make the whole babylonia and assyria vibes work well in the game. To me the LoA visually are a little bland (though from my limited knowledge of the lore, I guess that makes sense…)


I doubt that. Look at the in-game Hellcannon crew, they are not based off 6th edition minis, but rather after Legion of Azgorh aesthetics. That being said, I still think that we are going to see an expanded Chaos Dwarf roster, possibly including black orc slaves, hobgoblin bolt throwers, regular warriors, and maybe some elite infantry! My money goes on immortals, for they are featured in a Black Library novel.

Yeah probably - Kdai Fireborn and Bull Tauruks etc. I do wonder if Hobgoblins will feature given they’re not really associated with LoA on TT though I get the CA can pretty much do what they want and pull it off.

Legion of Azgorh were never meant to be a fully fledged army list. Hobgoblins are a given. :slight_smile: