Chitzkoi-shi's hoesaeggwaui ssaum [BATG 2024]

That’s Korean for BATG!

Probably. I think.

2024 will be a momentous year for me as I transition to Seoul and a totally new way of life in a foreign culture. As a diplomatic couple, Jess and I will be exposed not only to the language, customs and way of life of our Korean hosts, but also the rest of the global diplomatic community. Over four years, we will attend embassy parties, trade deal negotiations, state ceremonies - all while living in the administrative heart of one of the world’s most dynamic, fast-growing economies. Truly, we will be at the forefront of what many have called not just “the K wave”, but also “the Asian century”.

So, naturally, I’ll be shutting myself inside the flat and painting Iron Warriors.

I’ll also be returning to my traditional role as the sports commentator / statistical analyst of the BATG Rankings.

When the elderly British King dies, and the entire embassy in which we live has to move to formal mourning period, and the Foreign Minister of Korea comes to visit the embassy, I’ll stand there in my black suit and tie, sweating visibly and mumbling something about how hard it is to import Forge World praetors and have you seen these deals on Maxmini i mean per miniature it’s so cheap but what will it mean for the rankings i mean have you seen Jasko is really focussed on necromunda this year that’s a solid project and I’m still struggling with these hazard stripe knee pads but without them can I really call these Iron Warriors

Anyway. I’ve managed not to buy anything during the TOW launch (Sepulchral Stalkers my beloved) or have toooo many cool ideas for armies, so things are looking up.

I’ve been interviewing this year’s runners and riders in the DMs so when things die down from the transition I’ll get started with those. It’ll probably be well into spring before I even get my paints and brushes with me (thanks, Houthi rebels) so I’ll focus on rankings until then.


My project for the year is a full Hashut-worshipping Iron Warriors army, consisting of roughly:

This army is intended for play in 2nd Edition 40k with potential cross use in Horse Hear’say: Age of Shartmess.

I will be homebrewing a Mark of Hashut for 2e 40k and experimenting with direct use of the 5th edition Chaos Dwarfs Spells from Warhammer Magic in 2e 40k, which used almost the same system.

Obviously in HH2 I’ll just run them as Iron Warriors, given I’ll be playing against American servicemen who will probably beat me up.


They are joined by a Chaos Cult force based on the 2nd Edition cults list.

I’ll be writing bespoke 2nd edition rules for the bomb collars (nothing fancy - just like a commissar) and for the Mark of Hashut.


I’ve added pics of a number of the models taken when I kitbashed them last year!


Your model previews for this year are absurdly cool, Chitzkoi. You can’t let us down, I need to see these finished!


Well the good news is, I’ve already primed all of these.

The bad news is, I dropped the Minotaur and the leaping Bull Centaur on which I spent so much exhausting time posing the hammer and handle, breaking them both.

The other bad news is that all these minis will be transported by ship to Korea so the earliest I can get back to the hobby will be April/May.

I’ve consoled myself by working on the rules for bomb collars and assessing just how broken 5th edition spells are when used in 40k. Turns out something that automatically removes warmachines within radius is actually a bit overcooked if you consider a tank a warmachine.


Waxy ebon hands heft a chunk of carved stone, on which sit gold-embossed glyphs. The shafts of harsh desert sunlight in the distant mouth of the tomb barely illuminate his finger, as he traces up and down the columns of hieroglyphs.

On this, the first day of the twentieth year since his glorious victory in the War of Crowns, under the majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Nehekhara, I, King Tseti II, Son of Ptra, who is given life, like Ptra, forever, make the following Decree to those whole hold my Royal Seal;

Behold, there is brought to you this Decree, to bid you go: in haste, take a dozen men, to the tomb of Amunassar, the cursed, the wretch, who defies Ptra. Make sure of them that they are good men and true, not cut-throats and tomb-robbers; make sure of them that there is among them craft to enter tombs, and to despoil, and to sack and to pillage; make sure of them that all are sons of the Vitae and no blood of Qush or of Khubia is in them. Tell them in secrecy:

"An evil thing is about to happen. For twenty years ago Amunassar, who the King once called brother, held his khopesh aloft and defied Ptra. Now, he is laid to rest, and Ptra judges all Nehekhara for his evils, and a curse goes out on to the land and to the people. To save the people from this curse, King Tseti, true son of Minhotep and King of Upper and Lower Nehekara, commands you.

Go into the tomb of Amunassar, and lay waste to all that is inside. Cause his objects to be despoiled; cause his amulets and trinkets to be defiled and the gems cut out. Let no words of praise for the Gods be left written upon the walls. Destroy his tablets, his writings, his precious things; take not these things with you, for they are damned, and Ptra’s curse will sit heavy on he who disobeys my royal decree, for his blood shall be as dust, and his children devoured by vultures. Go into the sarcophagus of Amunassar, and strike the head from his remains; shatter the skull beneath a rock. Go into the canopic jars of Amunassar, and cleave his heart in two. Similarly destroy also the bodies of his servants, slaves, wives, and concubines."

If any one of these men among the dozen protests that this Decree is blasphemy, behead him and find another.

Take those dozen men, when they have done their work, and cut off their heads. Take also their hearts, and these cast to the crocodiles, so that their spirits cannot speak of this in the dreams of the people.

When this is all done, gather the collectors of taxes, and the authors of monuments; gather the masons and bronzeworkers, and the scribes and reed-gatherers, and proclaim to them thus.

"Amunassar’s old treachery has angered the gods and will bring a curse on the land unless his memory is erased forever. Your king commands that by year’s end, the name Amunassar must never be heard or seen in Nehekhara again. Cause his name to be struck from every place it is found; beat those who speak it in error, and behead those who speak it in faith. Cause him to be cast out of the memory of the world, from son to son, and heir to heir, destroy his name in the mind and heart of every true son of Nehekhara, so that his soul is destroyed within the afterlife. Upon the earth, take up the chisel and carve his name from every stone, take up the reed and scratch his name from every papyrus. His name shall not be remembered in any temple, according as it is done toward one like him, who is hostile toward his rightful king. His entries shall be cast out from the histories and genealogies of the temples, from his treasury, and on every book likewise.

If anyone speaks of a treaty, or says that the War of Crowns ended in an accord, or disputes the mighty victory of Tseti II, or speaks of a battle at Charnel Valley; behead him and feed his body to the crocodiles of the river. If forgeries of a treaty are found in stone or on papyrus, destroy these utterly. Cast any defaced stones into the shafts of copper mines; burn any papyrus and turn not the ash into ink. Melt down any bronze plate or inscription that speaks of an accord between Tseti II and Amunassar, and cast not the bronze into another form.

As for any nomarch or any official who shall refer to the time, or works, or offices, or deeds of Amunassar, his goods and his fields shall be forfeit to the king.

As for any child of my loins, even they must abide my law. Whoever of my blood shall speak his name in future, or shall refer to the time, or works, or offices, or deeds of Amunassar, he shall be stricken from my bloodline; he shall not receive the White Crown, he shall not wear the Red Crown, he shall not sit upon the Ptra-throne of the living, the pantheon shall not be gracious to him as their beloved."

When the year is done, and his name is never to be heard or seen in Nehekhara again, return to the tomb of Amunassar, the cursed, the wretch, who defies Ptra. Cast this Decree into the mouth of the tomb. Let these be the only words left untouched within; let none read these words from that day forth.

Let he who seeks to make any copy of this Decree be beheaded, and feed his body to the crocodiles of the river.


Heretofore unmatched levels of Tomb King fomocopium.

I don’t even need to paste a link to maxmini. I know you’ve still got the tab open.

“Iron without, add to cart within” - Ptra-rabo shops for danger on double coupon day

Up next,
Stone Bro and Fit Woman face down 5 forest goblins riding a salamander


I will buy Amunassar an army as soon as he reaches the stage in my fiction where he gets an army back, which given he’s woken up and discovered that his brother had him erased from history (and tried to destroy his corpse), is going to take him a while.


I bought a Grenadier miniatures undead skeleton elephant and howdah, because of how hard I’m not doing Tomb Kings this year, so that’s a +1 for the year.

As soon as I determine the best purchase strategy for their skeleton rhino, I’ll get that too.

These are Qushite warbeasts that Amunassar used to fight his civil war and they will someday make fine proxies in his multi-ethnic force.


A modest update, based on an inventory I just did. I’ll expand this list when all my gear and actual target projects arrive in mid March. I have no desk to paint on but that hasn’t stopped @Reaver from floor hobbying so neither will it me.

All of the below is unprimed metal or resin, except for the hobgrots which are unassembled. This stuff is basically “what I found on my desk and under my bed in the final sweep of my room before leaving the country”. It went into my hand luggage.




  • 1 goblin mounted archer, no mount (Chronopia)
  • 1 goblin mounted spear, no mount (Gobudai)
  • Ogla Khan, no mount (GW)
  • 15 Hobgoblin warriors (GW - 90s)
  • 1 Hobgoblin warrior (GW - Throgg era)
  • 1 Hobgoblin musician (GW)
  • 1 Hobgoblin standard bearer
  • 25 Hobgrots on sprue, mainly command sections (GW)
  • 1 Orc champion (Chronopia)
  • 1 Orc mounted archer, no mount (Chronopia)
  • 2 Swamp Goblin musicians (Chronopia)
  • 1 Swamp Goblin standard bearer (Chronopia)
  • 1 Night Goblin shaman (GW)
  • 1 Gnoblar (GW)
  • 5 misc Hobhound proxies


  • 1 Cadian with Meltagun (90s)
  • 1 human cannon crewman (Privateer Press)
  • 4 Nippon ninjas (80s)
  • 3 missile launcher crew (Privateer Press) - for proxy as servitors/guardsmen
  • 1 Ambot
  • 2 light Warjacks - for proxying