Classic hobgoblins available! And a couple bighats! (Now Sales Post) (All gone!)

!!!Now a sales post!!!

After some bulk buys I’ve got some extra bighats and hobgoblins to offload!

I have 1 unopened blister of foot hobgoblins ($40) (SOLD), a big hat standard bearer (SOLD), 1 hobgoblin crew member for a bolt thrower ($8), and 2 loose swivel guns ($8) (not big hat I know :laughing:)

Alternatively I am still interested in trading for (or purchasing!) for the following:

Chaos Dwarfs:

Dark Elves


US based but willing to ship overseas!


Let me know if you decide to sell. I’d be interested.

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I’ll be sure to tag you!

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I might actually have the blunders. Let me look tomorrow and I’ll get back to you.

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Ah, Hobgoblins, aka Hashuts Chosen :hob02:
Well, firstly it’s cool to see that you want my bazooka team and standard bearer :+1:
And I do have an extra bazooka team available, but the rockets have paint, as in the below pic.
Sadly, even I don’t have one of my standard bearers, I never received any (lost in transit) because no doubt the European postal workers know how much I effing despise them.
Seriously, I hate all European postal and customs workers, crooks and thieves all of them.
Anyways, if you’re interested in what I have, let me know what you’re willing to swap them for.
What you see in the pic is what I have available for trade, you can pick and choose whatever bits


From the Khan himself! Awesome, I’ll PM you.

Also, my order was lost as well, otherwise I would have both these sets I’m looking for! Customs really has it out for your minis haha


Now a sales post!