Collection of conversion ingredients – models that are almost but not quite CD units

I’m not speaking of single gears, but you can post them, too. :wink:

There are threads for 3D files, wikis for 3rd party ranges, but even the latter ones are not quite appropriate for models, that not at the moment of purchase not quite usable for chaos dwarf units. Considering CDs have a quite versatile mad invention war machine theme, and there are periodically toy bulls posted on discord, there surely is a demand for a place to collect this sort of troves.

Not making a wiki, just post what you have!


If you were wondering what toy bull I’m speaking off, this one:

“Schleich Eldrador Fire Bull” if the link dies.
Was posted on discord, I was searching for it to appropriately quote here, and instead found the proof why a forum thread is needed…

Anyway, what I was actually trying to share, is this thing I stumbled over today:

“Golden Crucible Dragons Breath Rocket Weapon” from PP, an almost ready Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher in a more technical (less fantasy) design but with a probably too small chassis.


Intrestin idea for a thread. I’ll follow with intrest. Honestly I find it hard to find bits that AREN’T suitable for Chaos Dwarfs… as I’m sitting here trying to bash together some Tyranid bits with some Idontneed Thesekin fish to make some utterly unholy bound daemon.

Not that it’s the primary subject here but the list of GW ranges I don’t pull from is quite short:

  • Wood Elves

Why? WEs surely have daemon potential as well in their tree kin parts.

For daemons, sure, almost anything goes.
But in any case, if you see a model and have an idea, and maybe even think about posting it on discord, it won’t be wrong here!

I’m wondering where this one left his beard:

(Signum Games Techno Abomination)

I should add: Other stores are selling it in 32 mm scale.

Orky 40k stuff is a known source for mechanical CD parts, but this STL here could be worth mentioning:

After all, don’t we have Walhut worshippers and other people with a maritime CD theme and a preference for crabs here, @Reaver?

Less of an ingredient but more a possible painting-ready miniature for some armies could become the new Conquest antique giant:

Conquest is 35 mm, but for a giant it doesn’t matter, will still be smaller than the AoS SoB. Now, if you have more a Mesopotamian army theme and less steampunk-Isengard or sth., you might already be interested, but look at the lava (?) arm of the lower giant.