Confirmation & Password Reset Email Issue

At the moment, we seem to be having an issue with E-mails failing to send, when confirming new registrations and changing passwords. Our tech-overlord @Xander is on the case with its legwork, and is contacting our host about it.

With Discourse, you can’t have manual password setting: It’s a security feature, so the usual quick manual reset in admin control panel is not a fix available for us.

The issue may be that host/server block emails once a certain threshold is reached. If that is the case, then our host will be asked to increase this threshold. In any case, this issue will hopefully be resolved quickly. Those who don’t receive confirmation and password reset E-mails may wish to try again in a few days, and again in a few days after that. Please be patient.

We’ll inform you as soon as the issue is resolved.

The Staff


We’re still pending server host response. We’ll post here as soon as we know anything more.

A number of people have been left hanging when trying to register, and a couple of members have been locked out when requesting reset password (one of them a Staff member). E-mails are not sent, and we can’t do manual resets. This need to be solved as soon as possible.

As before, it’s advisable to try again in a few days, and then again in a few days after that, in case things have started working in silence. Please hang in there.

The Staff