Converting Dwarven Slayers to members of the Disciple of Lugar

Does anyone have an idea or instructions how to convert Dwarf Slayer to members of the Disciple of Lugar?

One simple approach could be to simply paint the recesses of their musculature in fiery tones, then the rest of the skin in perhaps grey or black. To mimick a dried lava crust with molten lava underneath.

One could also shave the mohawk if one want to distance them from the Slayer look.

Here is a unit of a friend of mine. The paintjob is not finished (red axes):

Here’s Helblindi’s K’daai Cultist artwork, with glowing tattoos:

Petter Wäss painted his dark grey with glowing weapons, eyes and mouths:

One could also sculpt flames on their shoulders: Sculpting flames, by tjub

Just a few ideas. Much more is possible. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the inspiration, let’s see what I’ll take from this. :japanese_ogre:

I used the avatars of war not slayers with heads from lost kingdom and admiralty minis hats. Hope you dig them:


Nice combo, really works well together