Cornixt's Reorganisation: 6th-8th army list

So I started poking around my 4th edition models, trying to get them more organised, when I realised I had a decent 2K army in a single carry case. I keep only metal models in this one box, so there are no greenskins, which leaves it pretty sub-optimal. I also have an extra Earthshaker exceeds the limit of rare, and a ton of extra character models in the box. I’m short a couple of painted metal BCs since I shifted two to a new converted BC unit I am working on (more on that in the future). So my top priority is getting the BCs painted, repairing the few broken bits, and seeing if I can squeeze in my metal bolt throwers somehow. Next step is getting the plastics organised into a similar case so that I might be able to field a more competitive army by just grabbing two cases instead of messing around with so many smaller boxes.

Here’s the rough list based on 6th ed rules that covers almost everything in the box and not much room to add anything else. I didn’t really think much about magic items at the time, but I have 50pts of breathing room to consider them.

Chaos Dwarf army - Total: 1947pts

Chaos Dwarf Lord - Black Hammer of Hashut, heavy armour, Enchanted Shield, Great Taurus
Total unit cost 411pts

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer - Level 2, Dispel Scroll
Total unit cost 125pts

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer - Level 2, 2 Dispel Scrolls
Total unit cost 150pts

Chaos Dwarf Warriors x20 - Heavy armour, shield, great weapon, full cmd
9 pts/model, Total unit cost 250pts

Blunderbussers x21 - Heavy armour, full cmd
12 pts/model, Total unit cost 282pts

Blunderbussers x18 - Heavy armour, full cmd
12 pts/model, Total unit cost 246pts

Death Rocket x2 - Two Chaos Dwarf crew with heavy armour
80 pts/model, Total unit cost 160pts

Earthshaker - Three Chaos Dwarf crew with heavy armour
Total unit cost 110pts

Bull Centaurs x8 - Shield, great weapons, heavy armour, full cmd
20 pts/model, Total unit cost 213pts


I think hobbos are 2pts each in ravening hordes so 1 bolt thrower 30 and 24 hobbos is 78pts. Drop 1 of your 3 dispel scrolls and yeah id prefer that for sure


It looks like the bolt throwers won’t fit into the box, and 24 hobgobs certainly won’t - unless I get creative with adding more than one model to each slot in the foam. I’ve done it with plastics before, but never metal. My HGs are all plastic conversions anyway, so maybe it will work.

Some progress though, three bull centaurs are 80% painted. I only need two to fill out the unit, but when I realised that I could have a full unit of 8 with no repeats (the seven standard torsos and the Blood Bowl star player), I decided to swap out the poorly painted repeat with one I have never painted before. It was the second BC I ever painted, and one of the hardest to paint. He’s going to be relegated to reserve duty - repainting him fills me with dread, and it’s always fun to see how badly I painted back then. My pot of Citadel paint Sunburst Yellow from 1991 is still good, although the lid is starting to crumble so it probably won’t last too much longer.


Great project! I’m not sure you’ll remember me, but I remember you. I stumbled on a painting video recently and it perked my interest again. I moved away from painting minis a long long time ago, because I started doing icons for online blood bowl and…it filled my need for painting.

6th edition was a fantastic ruleset…possibly the pinnacle of Warhammer battling…does anybody still play it? One great thing about Hordes (which was sort of 5.5 edition) is that it was very similar to Warhammer ancients. So you could sort of do a crossover between the 2.


I remember you - I was actually surprised when it said that this was the first time you had posted, so welcome to the Discourse forum!

I think 6th edition was a very solid ruleset, and the only thing I didn’t like was the magic system. 6th ed seemed to prove its worth since they didn’t change the rules all that much for 7th or 8th, so the Chaos Dwarf army list remained playable for a long time. I don’t have any games lined up, but I’d really like to have something ready to go since I don’t get a lot of free time right now. Having something that would work for three different editions is a big plus.

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It looks like i won’t have time to complete these properly, so here they are for now as one unit of every different BC model.

Good enough from a distance, but pretty grungy up close. A 2x4 arrangement is not very optimal, even in 6th ed they would only get a rank bonus if none were killed. I have four more (mostly unpainted) models i could add, but they won’t fit in the 2k case. I need a bigger unit base either way.


So with the extra box I managed to make by cutting down an existing box, I get a much more flexible list. I could adjust it a bit since the lord doesn’t need quite as much stuff when he’s not a huge flying target

Army total of 1987pts

Chaos Dwarf Lord
Black Hammer of Hashut (+45pts), Armour of the Furnace (+45pts), Enchanted Shield (+10pts)

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer
Level 2 (+35pts), Chalice of Darkness (+50pts)

Chaos Dwarf Hero
great weapon (+4pts), Armour of Gazrakh (+30pts)

Chaos Dwarf Warriors x 19 ( great weapon, full cmd)
Blunderbussers x 17 (full cmd)
Blunderbussers x 17 (full cmd)
Death Rocket
Bull Centaurs x 6 (Shield, great weapons, heavy armour, full cmd)

-from the second box-
Hobgoblin Wolfriders x 10 (bows)
Hobgoblins x 20
Orcs x 25
Bolt Thrower x 2

An extra 1000 pts can be added:
Great Taurus mount for Lord
20 Black Orcs
25 CD Warriors
plus a few extra models added to the existing 2k list.
This maxes out the storage for the second box, but it uses nearly all of my 4/5th ed models (except the lamassu, a second taurus, and several characters). I’d really like to convert good command groups holding blunderbusses for the blunderbuss units. Might have to be a 3d printing project.

Next step is better storage for the masked CD conversions from Dwarfs (four units I think), and then to finish painting the regular Dwarf models (slayers/berserkers, ironbreakers) and the Hellcannon. I’d like to enlarge my golem unit too. This would add another 2-3k to the army above, maybe even more.

Future-future tasks are sorting out my goblin army, savage orc army, and undead goblin army, which are all about 1K each. Then finishing my Genestealer Cult to 2k.


My storage ideals are that metal models go in foam slots and plastic units can get jumbled in a cardboard box. I’ve never had issues with paint coming off plastic models, but the odd arm and head fall off. I’m not 100% happy with the wolfrider box, needs more foam between the models.

Three of the cardboard boxes shown here are from my older storage system - I had one or two cardboard draws that I would fit in the original model boxes, so that I could just grab the boxes I needed for a particular army that day. It was flexible because it needed to be; common orc and common goblin units could fit in any one of the three overlapping greenskin armies I used as well as CDs. I’ve mostly given up on that idea for now. The bottom right box is one I custom-made this week to fit in the new large storage box. I decided to use my golem models as Hobgoblins, and filled out the unit by making another batch with the remaining Fimo clay I had left in the right colour. I now have 28 of them.

The HGs I converted from night goblins will go and sit with my other goblin units for now. Still not quite sure how to organise them yet.
I still need to make the handle for my large storage box, I’ve found a 3D file for it. It should roughly match the Kaiser Rushforth cases I already have.

I might have a go at creating a LoA list that uses all the same models. There are a lot of extra rules that I will have to read up on first.


Love the golem models. You should make an entire day of just those in different sizes! Would be awesome shambling across the table.