Custom diorama for background pictures

Yo! This morning I had to finish one of the 2 AoS CD while my brain decided to do something else entirely because I can’t fucking stick to the plan

I printed a wall section and from that I started to bulk it up so I had a solid base to work with

And so far I’m here! Now I’m going to a concert as Carcass are going to play nearby so I’ll continue in the next days


Love the step-by-step pictures! Super helpful to see your process

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Glad you find my mess helpful ahhauaua
I’m just doing random things, going with the flow as usual hahshahah

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Yesterday I quckly made the 2nd wall, I’ll add planks tonight for structure and more interest


shit is starting to look like something! done for the night


Although I almost finished it, here are the WIP pics of the last 2 days

The pink stuff is a mix of so much shit I had laying around:
Plaster/stucco/gesso call it whatever
PVA + water
Fine and coarse sand
Wooden bits due cutting coffee sticks
Beard hairs

I didn’t like how then ground level looked so I removed it and made a thick sand level with some mid showing through close to the sewers

If I would redo such display, there are already many things I’d change, and I might so so at some point as i find very relaxing those kind of works


Looking awesome, as ever

Grazie jasko!
Didn’t make many progresses those few days
Paint is now mostly done, I have to add some yellow tones to the moss and remove a bit of rust from the grate, also I’ll have to add static grass and few tufts and leaves here and there. All in autumn colours

Also this was the test piece (as random scatter) with all the leftovers where I could try the effects before going on the main piece


This already looks very cool :fire:

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