Da Spiky Big Hat Stunty Ladz - Hobby blog about definetly not orc army project

So, me tired mind did have idea in our Discord channel. It started as joke, then I just started getting more ideas and then I even started working them…

How all started:

So idea is to make little, fun army of Orcz pretending to be Chaos Dwarfs and maybe hone me sculpting skills while doing it. I did started to make body of “Da Lammazu” from scratch and start sculpting it tomorrow, as it middle of night now here etc. Will try to add pics etc as regularry as I have something to new to show.


I think I will make couple test models also tomorrow, actually today. Warrior and blunderbuss ladz. Scratchbuild/ sculpt big fat orc bodies, cover them on crude scale mail, then add hands and heads from bitzbox etc.

Now to bed.


Just where I did put that 2 feet long strip of GS? Did make armatures for wyvern and for blunderbuss boy. Then did go to store and by some beer. And drinking and sculpting or kitbashing ain’t healthy combo, so will return to modeling tommorrow.

//Edit With pictures…

Also, decided to mention that I’m not going to sculpt these guys scale mail, I will try me old idea of using cardboard or thin plastic cutted to look like scales in row and then aplied it to coat base made from GS…

So I get to learn if me idea, which I have been planning like decade, actually work or not…

Fun times… Doing that while possible having mild hangover…


Oh so many words, so many ideas. Rustle in the dark…

Come into the light, show your creation


Need to find that greenstuff roll first. Pics at Wednesday. First big hat will be shown then!


The idea is great! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

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This sounds great. I am forever converting Orks to chaos dwarfs so Orks pretending to be cds sounds great. After all imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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