Dancwart's art thread

Hi Chaos Dwarfs!

I’m Dancwart. I Draw cutesy art and post cat nonsense. And I sometimes draw Warhammer related stuff.

Now honestly, I’m probably not the biggest Warhammer buff. While I do have a half-painted hellcannon somewhere, it was long ago since I painted a miniature. But I still like to revisit the universe sometimes.

And these mean scrunglos who build daemonic engines to unleash upon their victims are just too much fun. Also more like I picture Dwarfs from mythology, compared to other pop-culture depictions.

In any case, I’m here to post warhammer related fanart I make. For the rest of my art, you can find me on Twitter and Newgrounds:


Here are some recent 40k pieces

  1. Starting of by cursing this forum with the 40k twink trinity. Felinids, Scitarii, and Thousand Sons

  2. A scene from a Dark Heresy 2 based play-by-post rp. Arbite Dancwart’s popular with the cybermastiffs, but I don’t think he likes them very much

  3. Portrait of BFF Oggy the Ogryn

  4. Our most stimky monarch


And here are some Chaos Dwarf sketches I did a little while ago


Very cool stuff! Like especially the CDs a lot! :hatoff:




Nice to see the art thread up! Very nice work, and evocatively rugged Chaos Dwarf portraits. :slight_smile:

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Go-Go Gue’la!!

You are Good, Greater, Greatest!!

Can I get a GREATER GOOD?!!


Haha! 40k needs a Blood Bowl variant of its own now. :smiley:

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Based on 99% of the Tau art, I don’t think they’d do very well XD

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True that! Some technological cheating with markerlighted ballthrowing rail guns may be in order. :smiley:

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