Dark tide/vermintide

Anyone down for some dark tide/vermitde

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I’ll be your huckleberry as soon as the wife and newborn become a bit more self sufficient

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I was to try darktide with you guys! Im just starting a new zealot. Bear with me, as kham and reaver will testify from vt2, i suck


Man. I feel you brother. Its hard to get into new shit.
But battle brothers, bear with us we CAN bring the shit…

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I got you guys don’t worry

Its not about skill, its about slaying the heretic, the mutant, the xeno. Also, zealot is the faceroll class so youre gonna be juuuust fine. Its my favorite

Yeah that’s why i rolled it. I made the mistake of assuming the guardsman would be Kruber. I am not good at aiming under pressure

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Always down for some ratsplatting chief