Darkforged 2024: A Hobby Campaign for Warhammer: The Old World


Greetings Warlords!

The return of Warhammer Fantasy and inclusion of Chaos Dwarfs as a legacy faction means that our beloved Dawi Zharr are back, in a big way!

I’m pleased to announce that we have big plans at CDO for 2024! A 6 month long campaign to encourage you to build a new army, or prepare an existing one, for Warhammer: The Old World!

Check out the Darkforged 2024 campaign website for more details!

In summary, each month, we challenge you to take one unit of your army from concept to completion!

In March, the goal will be to create a Core unit!

Assembly: Assemble, Convert or Print your miniatures
Painting: Paint your unit
Basing/Tray: Add basing or a movement tray to ensure the unit is battle-ready
Lore: Write background lore for the unit
Battle: Play a game of Warhammer: The Old World with your new unit!
Bonus: Complete a bonus challenge!

For each of the above steps you complete each month, you’ll get a raffle ticket added to our prize draw, which will happen periodically throughout the campaign!

There has never been a better time to start (or refresh) a Chaos Dwarf army!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post them below. We’re still ironing out the details of how to share and track your progress. So stay tuned!

Who’s bought the Rulebook so far for Warhammer: The Old World, or who is still considering it?

I’ve opened a new Forum section for Darkforged 2024 discussion!


Also, I should note, that we’re starting up a Weekly Hobby Hangout on Wednesdays on CDO’s Discord! Last week’s went well, and I am looking forward to it again this week! Come say hi and chat with your fellow Warlords!


Super exciting!!! Thanks for continuing to stoke the fires Xander!


Now’s the time to stoke like crazy! We’ve got a brand new game with a brand new army list!


Do I need to sign up in some way or is writing: “I’M IN” enough?


I think for today, “I’m in!” is more than sufficient! As I mentioned, we’re still evolving how we want to track everything. We’ll probably end up making a Google Sheet or something. :slight_smile:


I thought that this was the Discord. I’ll have a look at this other one.


As to the “ToW”, the forges are almost ash and no expeditions are planned for that region


Yeah, Discord and Discourse are pretty close, phonetically! It can be confusing.


So, is there any information by now how this campaign will be working?
The “joining” question ebove?
Like, do we report anywhere anything and in which form, provide any evidence?
I saw the channel in the discord but there was mainly general chatter and I didn’t know how it’s supposed to be used.

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I`m in! :beer:

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Yes. We have a March thread going.

We’re still working out the details, but essentially, create a thread in the Showcase section to serve as your army blog. Then report any progress with respect to the monthly goals in the thread above.

I’ll try and formalize this a bit more tonight. :+1:

Thanks for the feedback.

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Ah, thx, missed that one.

So we just use our (often already existing) “showcase” blog and report in the respective month’s Darkforged thread, right? :smile:


Yep! That’s the idea. I need to formalize it though, it’s not very clear what to do at the moment! :sweat_smile:


News about this year’s Armies on Parade, which might be a goal for especially ambitious hobbyists. Your Darkforged summer might be the perfect setup to guide your progress.

Terms and Conditions for online entries

1) Armies on Parade 2024 has four categories. Entries may be from any one Games Workshop game system:

  • Individual

  • Team

  • Display

  • Youngbloods (aged 13 to 15; entry requires consent from a parent or guardian)

2) Additional categories may be announced later.

3) There will be first, second, and third place winners in each category, each winning a trophy and a Combat Patrol or similar starter box. The judges will also select up to 10 special mention entries which will receive a certificate. Additional prize details will be announced in April 2024.

4) The judging criteria shall be as follows: cohesiveness of display theme; originality and creativity; conversion skill; and painting finesse.

5) We will only accept competition entries that conform to the following rules:

Painted miniatures must exclusively consist of Citadel and/or Forge World products

Entries can be from any Warhammer game system, or the Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game

The display must fit within a board with base dimensions of 2’x2’ (61cm x 61cm) or 22×30 inches (76cm x 56cm).

Conversions and scratch-built entries are allowed as long as they are in scale and set thematically within one of the Warhammer worlds or universes. This does not extend to entries set in the Middle-earth™ setting.

Any miniature customisation must exclusively comprise Citadel/Forge World bits or parts only.

Your entries must have been wholly painted by you (or your team, for the Team category).

Full terms and conditions coming soon.


I saw that this morning! Definitely something to shoot for!

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This is only for all brand new creations isn’t it? Because the line “” Any miniature customisation must exclusively comprise Citadel/Forge World bits or parts only.“” sort of kills it for me.


For Games Workshop, yeah, that’s their schtick.

But for the community, you can still do whatever you want and make a nice display board for it! :muscle:

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