Dawi-Zharr Bazuki & Flame Infantry

Hey everyone, short introduction to what I’m looking for here:
Been a fan of Chaos Dwarfs for maybe 4 - 5 years now; they’ve been my favorite race and I have finally had the pleasure of playing them in Total War: WARHAMMER III. I really want to make a mod that adds in Bazuka rocket teams as well as flamethrower infantry.

I think it’s criminal that regular Dwarfs get Irondrakes while Chaos Dwarfs, serving the literal Father of Fire, don’t get any equivalents. Yes, they have many fire-oriented things but that is not the same as having flamethrowers, so I would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me/point me in the direction of possible flamethrower units that might exist for the Chaos Dwarfs.

Back in Total War: WARHAMMER II days, there existed a mod called OvN: Chaos Dwarfs and it allowed you to play as a fan-made Chaos Dwarf race in the game that featured many units inspired by Chaos Dwarf lore and army books. One of these units were called ‘Annihilators’ and they were essentially reskinned Irondrakes with Trollhammer Torpedoes that shot a rocket projectile and had incredibly long range. They were AWESOME. I did some research on them and delved deeper and learned that they are inspired by the real unit of Bazuka teams. In my opinion, Bazuka teams are the coolest unit in the Chaos Dwarf roster. My questions for them is this:

  • would Bazuka team members be part of the Infernal Guard regiments or would they simply be regular Chaos Dwarf Warriors? Or could they be either without an issue?
  • if they were featured in the game, would they wear heavy armor or light armor or something in between?
  • what do you think would be the best way to represent their recruitment? Should they feature unit caps, be recruitable from one place only or from anywhere, so long as the correct building is constructed?
  • etc

I am interested in hearing thoughts from fellow Chaos Dwarf fans

  • in the dominant tabletop fanbook, Warhammer Armies Project Chaos Dwarfs, they are unit attachments for blunderbuss units, and have no relationship to infernal guard
  • From a lore perspective, this makes sense - they are sensitive artifice items and infernal guard are suicidal heavy armour units regularly used as the central anvil for the army (cf. Tamurkhan, the only source for the Infernal Guard). By contrast advanced weapons like the ones you describe are best used on the flanks
  • I would have them either as the lowest level units for the artillery chain or the highest level units for the ranged infantry chain, depending on how destructive you intend them to be
  • swivel guns and mortar teams would hate to be forgotten!

@Reaver @Antenor @Admiral and whomever else plays both table and Total War keen to hear your views


Given the upgradable units using the armaments resource. It would be interesting to have them as a purchasable upgrade to add a unit ability with cooldown. A simple missile projectile “bound spell” added to a blunderbuss unit for example.

Swivel gun could be a short range rapid fire cone.

Mortar could be a long range “comet” ability

Edit: moving this thread to the video gaming category. Looking forward to what you come up with.


The tempting thing about the mortar is that you could just reskin the Empire mortar and have it, not quite as easy as the trollhammer and firedrake option but in the same category
Swivel guns simply dont have a comparator and that’s sort of fine