Dawi Zharr Tournament list

My Army is finally finished . Bringing them to a Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition tournament in Sweden tomorrow! Wish me luck =)


Hot Daaaaaaamn! Looks super cool! You don’t need luck, you have the coolest army, you’re going to wipe the floor with the bloody remains of your opponents.

Would you mind posting your army list (afterwards, maybe)? And maybe snap a picture during the games here and there, give us some account of what’s happened? Oh boy this is very exciting.


@Jasko is right, that’s a fabulous army! Very well done. Now go forth and dominate. :anvil:

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Beautiful army! Best of luck

The army looks incredible. Really liking the red and gold scheme as you have applied it!

This looks absolutley amazing! Awesome work!

And good luck with the competition!

I’d love to see your list. I’m a fledgling general myself and I’m curious as to why you took two Hobgoblin units.

Awesome work! Good luck with the tournament.

Im glad that lammasu turned out so great and it will see play! Update with stories and game picture now man! Cant wait

@Azaro87 how did they fare?