Dawi Zharr Warcry 2nd edition rules W.I.P

Hi, Elisabeth here, i was working in my Chaos Dwarf Army when i stumble upon the new GW Warcry edition and inpired by the magnificent fanmade Battletome for the Dawi Zharr i decided to “create” datacards and hability cards for them to use in the new Warcry edition.

I used the cities of sigmar and chaos datacards as inspiration if not copied and adapted

I’ve used the mantic miniatures as reference images just because are easy to work with with the card editor.

once are all are done all post them here so you all can try


Awesome! This is a cool idea. My son has been wanting to try out WarCry lately.

Great graphics too. I’ll be following this for whenever you post the remainder.

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More cards are coming!!


These are looking great! Do you have templates for these cards available, or did you find them somewhere you can point us to?