Death Guard...true heroes of the Impe oh never mind

New Year old army

Had this army knocking about for a little while and with the new Codex coming up seems a good time to crack them open for another 25pl list.

First up


I call him Clovis :grin:


little Clovis seems upsed about something



Ended up doing a little test scheme for these tonight…


Interesting choice, looks kinda Sons of Horus-y to me.

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Stunning work, man!

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Oooof that looks really neat!

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Cheers guys, appreciate the feedback

It went a bit too blue for me and I wasn’t feeling it, fun trying something new though so tried out a white scheme…

…not quite sure in this either though :man_shrugging:t2:


Have you considered using the game scheme as your Chaos Dwarfs? :wink:

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@GhraskDragh really cool. Looks like open sores on the armour. So nurgle :metal:t2:

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as i said on instagram, they remind me a lot of theold black orc color scheme. and i love it!
while the white scheme looks literally sickening. almost pastel color that tbh i really enjoy on a nurgle model.
it’s something i havent seen so far. some fresh air (nurgle’s rot i mean) for once!

keep trying, you are doing great!


Thanks chaps

@Lord_of_Uzkulak yes I did :26: I thought about it a lot and have applied a very similar process to this whiter scheme, thought I did want to try and make it a little different just for my own sanity :man_shrugging:t2::grin:

Thanks @Oxymandias , I really liked that effect too but it changed when I was worried the overall model was going to end up a bit of bright so I made a couple of changes that covered those up unfortunately…I’m definitely going to try and get those back in somewhere though because as I said I really like the effect too :thinking:

@Loidrial thanks mate I really surprised myself with the pastel like look of it as it’s not something I usually find myself doing, by the end I think those effects will be quite subtle by all the better for it…

The latest for this test mini


this is so beautiful! i love those subtle light pink/purple here and there.
man that’s awesome! how did you do that?
oh yeah, i forgot. you truly know how to paint

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That leg you painted on that plague marine is an amazing colour scheme. Maybe it is a little blue for them but it is amazing all the same. (Please) Paint some chaos dwsrves with it? I have no idea how to paint like that. Great job :28:

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@Loidrial thank you kindly, there’s a few of your new friends involved, good old pigments :grin: the green hues are pigments and the purple is a screamer pink mix with medium and Matt varnish so it’s very thin, took 2 layers I think for that. This is all on top of Zandri dust base and Deepkin flesh highlight as it had its own nice green hue that pallid Wych flesh didn’t.

Thank you @Zoddtheimmortal , maybe I’ll try it on an some old citadel Chaos Dwarfs or Marauders one day :thinking::+1:t2:

Leaving it there tonight, see how it feels in the morning. On the white armour all that’s left is some grime, got some AK interactive for that but need to wait for the spirits to use it


Ak interactive streaking grime? I’d be very interested in seeing how you use it/sharing any techniques

It’s product I’ve been intrigued by but have yet to try

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There’s a couple of ways Ives used it before, one is through an airbrush completely covering the mini (got to brave for that :grimacing:) and then going back in with a cotton bud and taking it all off with spirits… It’s a bit like a dip in that it gets everywhere and gives you some really strong definition.

I’m thinking for this one though I’ll be a lot more sparing and keep it just to paint in streaks on the white armour and give a bit of definition between the armour plates, I’m quite happy with how the rest of it looks so don’t want to being the whole thing down in colour just the white armour for now

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Yeah the airbrush method is brave!

Look forward to seeing what effects you achieve :smiley:

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As do I :grin:

It is done, the mini has passed the morning after test. So many times I go to bed thinking ‘that was great’ only to wake up the next day thinking ‘what was I thinking!?!’ but not this time, it is in the recipe book and I have found my Death Guard scheme. Only thing to work out is the grime to really finish it off but I’ll sort that when the spirits get delivered :+1:t2:


@GhraskDragh this paint recipe is next level organisation

I’m very much like “yeah I’ll eyeball it - it looks vaguely like the other ones in the same unit”


That’s about right :grin:

A nice surprise, the spirits I ordered arrived today when they weren’t supposed to be here until the weekend so got some grime on the test mini…

Went subtle with it rather than over the top