Denelian5 - Chaos Dwarfs in the 9th age

58UoHRq - Imgur

I’ve loved Chaos Dwarfs since the first time I laid eyes upon them, and I’m especially fond of the Big Hat models. I started my account on CDO back in 2008 when I stumbled upon several BFSP conversions online and realized that one could build a Chaos Dwarf army quite cheap (as long as you don’t count time spent = money). I must admit I’ve been quite a passive member with only 5 h 30 min forum time amassed over 12 years :stuck_out_tongue:

After an intense conversion period in the beginning my project was shelfed and a hiatus of many years from war gaming began. In 2018 I decided that I wanted to finish my army and after looking around I decided to go forward based on T9A as I felt it mostly resembled the old editions I played when I was younger. Therefore I’ll present my units under their current (soon to be changed due to new army book on the near horizon) T9A names as that is what comes to mind at the moment. For the time being it’s mostly WIP as I’ve only succeeded in painting one model but I’ll update the posts with new pics if and when I get that far.

I hope you like it :smiley:

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My army so far:


Prophet on Temple Lammasu 1



2JwDcGY - Imgur

Prophet on Temple Lammasu 2 WIP:


Great Bull of Shamut



Bull of Shamut


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Other Characters

BSB WIP (not my paint job on BC):

Hobgoblin Chieftain WIP:

Hobgoblin Chieftain on Wolf x2 WIP:

Overlord WIP:

Prophet WIP:
4D3XJrr - Imgur

Prophet nr 2 WIP:

4Tbf2dJ - Imgur HrU2x69 - Imgur toCaVOR - Imgur vZIkwaT - Imgur

Prophet nr 3 (Astragoth) WIP:

Vizier 1 WIP:

Vizier 2 WIP:

Vizier 3 WIP:



Blunderbuss unit 1 WIP:

Blunderbuss unit 2 WIP:

Citadel Guard with Flintlocks WIP:

Disciples of Lugar WIP:

Hobgoblin unit WIP:

Hobgoblin Archer unit WIP:

Tg7i7GX - Imgur )

Infernal Warrior unit WIP:

Immortal unit WIP:

G1eoU7A - Imgur

Orc Slaves unit WIP:

pR0wKQX - Imgur



Hobgoblin Wolf Riders x10 unit WIP:

Taurukh unit 1 WIP:

Individual pics:

6iHiu7q - Imgur AZoKOfz - Imgur oco86dp - Imgur

Taurukh unit 2 WIP:

Taurukh Anointed unit WIP:

Individual pics:



Kadim Incarnates unit WIP:


War Machines

Bound Daemon/Hellcannon WIP:

LEh6Q0f - Imgur

eIE0j6n - Imgur

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower x2 WIP:

Minaret of Doom/Juggernaut WIP:

Rocket Battery x2 WIP:

BXVlb5U - Imgur

Titan Mortar x2 WIP:


Armoured Giants

Bologs WIP:

Cachtorr WIP:


Gunnery Teams

Flamethrower team 1 WIP

Flamethrower team 2 WIP

Army shots

4ajQudl - Imgur 6eLNTKp - Imgur

LhlQ6hD - Imgur nCzSAJi - Imgur S9N2bas - Imgur xBpGskq - Imgur

This already looks very promising! I am looking forward to see all the models painted!

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Looks like this is a blog to watch! Can’t wait to see some of these.

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The summary tabs is a neat way of organizing! Looking forward to updates!

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Me too :smiley:

Finally making this presentation here is part of trying to find the motivation to push on and find the time to actually get there :wink:


Thanks! Prepping for another run of uploads tomorrow hopefully. My goal is to run out of WIP pics so I only have painting left^^

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Yep, proudly stole the idea from another one of the blogs here (can’t remember which one at the moment thou) :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to seeing this project advance! I really like the Bull Centaur hero’s banner, it looks awesome.

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Thank you! I thought so too some 10 years ago when I painted it ^^ I’m not sure I’ll keep it “as is” thou, as I feel the overall proportions are a bit off… But we’ll see down the line :slight_smile: