Do I butcher old plastic Chaos Dwarfs

Hello all.
I’m at a crossroads again with my new CD Army and need some expert advice.
I have 20 of the old single pose plastic CD’s from 94?
I really never liked the models that much, they seem to be a bit bigger scale than all the old metal I have been painting.
I did paint 2 or 3 in the last few weeks to see how they take paint.
They are ok but as i said they seem to stick out like a turd in a punch bowl.
I cut the top spikes off a few to look different and cut off the big hat of another for a different big hat.
My next genius idea is to turn them into fire glaives. I’m not a brilliant modeler but I’m not bad either.
I have 81 blunderbuss but no Glaives. I want to try out an army 100 Blunders and Glaives.
My friend says I should keep them in the boxes and sell them on eBay for crazy stupid money. Then just buy some new resin models.
What would YOU do?


Convert a couple and see how you go!


I do think they’re yours to use however you want but selling them might be a nice option, there’s a finite number in the world after all. And I dont think theyre ideal for conversion work because theyre really one big contoured chunk of plastic.


They are about 20% too big for ranked infantry purposes.

I don’t think they will make great conversion material for fireglaives, but I don’t think you are commiting any sin by trying. They aren’t exactly gorgeous models, I don’t know how much you’ll actually get for them if you did sell them, but it may be a better use of resources to get models that better match your army.


I love this - the jump from 20mm to 25mm in TOW is exactly 125%, so they should be fine now, even ranked up parallel :innocent: At least with a bit of staggering, they’ll be ok.

@Lordofchaos I’m inclined to agree with your friend - if you’re not a collector who sees value in authenticity, I’d sell em off to someone who is, and get some cash for other minis.


When I want to convert a old plastic kit I recast it first. Haven’t done with chorfs but did a lot with 40k stuff.


Yes! Yes you should!!



Genius :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand:

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That’s so amazing, ok I’m not THAT good.

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@Hotstuff has created some great stls for converting the monopose plastic dwarfs.


Pyroven, thanks for the hook up. I can not believe the difference with just changing a hat.

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You could make a neat bookshelf diorama with them but like @chitzkoi said they are your do what makes you happy.


This is a cool idea.
It seams all my old metal is going towards the battle field, but yes I can see these on an old stone bridge over a deep river crossing.
Maybe a stinking river troll setting up a ambush for the Chaos dwarf scouts???
It works well?/

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