Down Under Flood Sell-Off

Please move to the best location if this is ill-chosen. I’m on a ski vacation and this has to be done on the fly. PMs will be answered later. Thank you.

Australian CDO trader @Enjoysrandom has suffered a natural disaster:

We had a massive flood in Lismore, it covered our house and ruined everything we own. But I have a silver lining, I managed to save some thing and one of those things was my entire chaos dwarf collection. I even saved the statue I purchased.

But I am needing to raise some money so I am thinking of selling it all. It’s at least 1 of every GW model and a few 3rd party models (not many I have a lot of them away) and 3 blood bowl teams, 2nd edition, 3rd edition and then a gespez arts team. An armorcast titan and two armorcast tanks. I have to catalogue everything and take some photos, also need to just give everything a good clean.

Keep an eye out in Marketplace if it sounds like you may find something for your collection. @Enjoysrandom is a good miniature painter and collecting aficionado.

I hope his Chaos Dwarfs will find good homes.


damn that sucks so much :\ italy suffers from those kind of climate disasters like eathquakes and floods.
@Enjoysrandom I’d be happy to check out your chaos dwarf 2nd edition team! everything for our users! :cd1980:


Very sorry to hear about the flood and the damage to your home, and that it means you may need to part with some of your collection. I will keep an eye on the marketplace.

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Update: He would preferably like to sell it all to one collector in order not to be left with portions nobody wanted, and regret selling the rest. So anyone wanting a whole CD collection for a most affordable price would do well to look.

Still, it may be possible to negotiate for parts. We’ll see.

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Oh man, at some point it’s enough with the negative events.

I hope that your friend will come out of this well.
Oh man, not a good time,

I’m thinking of all those who are in some way negatively affected at the moment and keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be all right.


G’day everyone.

I made a post on the old Forum, sorry its taken me so long to get everything together. I will include a link to the PDF I made up that gives abit of an idea on what I have for sale.

Checklist :

@Admiral Thanks so much for your post and all your help. Alwaysa great support to the community, even if the person has been away for years!

@Loidrial Thanks mate, I decided I wanted to keep my blood bowl teams. Its kinda what started my collection and need a couple of big hats about still.

@Jackswift Thanks mate!

@Bessron Things are hard for everyone effected, the plcaes hit are no where near back to normal. but things are ok. Thanks mate.


Daaaaaamnn man that’s impressive!!! Those armorcasts one!!! AAAAAAAAAAA if only they weren’t such humongous expensive items xD shit I envy that collection!

Glad you hop aboard as well!;

thanks mate but I am open to offers, its just all a rough idea for what they are worth. Lots of extras included that arnt on the list. Took a long time to collect. AUD is pretty much monopoly money anyway!


Sorry to hear about your flood, that really sucks!! Let me know if you decide to split!

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