Dwarf Shrapnel Cannon from Titan Wargames released

Why hasn’t anyone written that Baggronor has released a new model yet!!?!!

Looks awesome, imo! :cd1980:

The model has been ordered! :smiley:


@Baggronor youve outdone yourself here mate! Was following the wips of this on FB. Great stuff


Has eye patch, Reaver presses like.


Glorious new release! Good detailwork. I hadn’t seen it before now.

Wow the quality in these sculpts rivals the great Kev Adams for me, hats off mate they look incredible

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Nyyyaaaarrrrr 'tis gooood!!


Lovely model

My cannon arrived in the post a few days ago, and I’ve already started assembling it. I’ve started mounting the crew on my usual 20mm square weighted bases (with a fender washer glued under the base), and I’m mounting the cannon on a 50mm square base, so they match up with the rest of my Tenth Legion force. I actually mounted the gun shield, as I would think most crews would want some sort of shield between them and whatever is coming at them.

I also got another batch of the cave goblins (thank goodness they’re still metal, as plastic models have no heft to them). Here’s hoping Titan releases more models along this line, and maybe even some of the critters mentioned in Thommy H’s fiction pieces on the Titan site.