Dwarves of Fire Canyon by Russian Alternative

New and upcoming concept from Russian Alternative, really like this beast! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is pretty sweet! Though I wish his head was a little bigger.

I haven’t looked very much into The Russian Alternative, but I really should. Are there prices decent?

GW’s prices have really run out of control in recent years. That’s probably why I keep making armies with the miniatures I already own! :sweat_smile:

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Cant really say actually. Maybe it sounds odd, but I dont really care about the price anymore. If I want it I buy it, but since I try to only buy what I paint its never really that expensive. An hobby is allowed to cost… :wink:

But when you mention it, I have to agree. They head could be a bit bigger… :thinking:

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It’s not too odd to have that perspective. But my hobby dollars are limited, so I try to squeeze the most out of them that I can. :smile:

I now have way more disposable income than I used to, but now lack the time and energy to spend it on the hobby!

These newer Bull Centaurs remind me a lot of the Lynel from Breath of the Wild, I’m not sure who influenced who that they look so similar. Big muscley stern centaurs.


They are definitely beefy! I’ve thought about converting Bull Centaurs for ages, but still haven’t pulled the trigger. I’ll probably make mine on cavalry bases. :slight_smile:

I agree with most of the comments. The head feels the right size when you look front on but not side view. Definitely would pick this one up when it is available. Need a few more of these guys anyway.

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Welcome Jack!

Yeah, I agree, it’s always good to have more choices for these.

I like it alright! Don’t play AoS so don’t need Shar’Tor per se, plus I’ll get that Titan Centaur Lord eventually, but I’ll keep an eye out for this one.

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I find it a pity that this model is so different from the “normal” bullzentaurs. If the “Shar’tor” would be more similar to these models, I would probably have bought it.

I think it’d have looked better without the lower horns/cheek tusks, but otherwise looks good.

Here are some more updates from Russian Alternative, I must confess that Im really tempted at redoing another CD army with their models… Too much stuff going on ATM, but unless GW releases something for us before. This seems like a really sweat option form Big Hat lovers like me. :smiley:


Really good stuff. Already have a bunch of their Fire Canyon models. Will have to put some aside for when these become available.

I think that the BC with the BigHats looks better than the other models by lengths!

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And more!

Bull Centaurs 02


Very cool, when are they supposed to be released? Is there any announcement?

Havent seen a date yet.


Great Options for Hat and Non-Hat-Armies.

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These are definitely on my short list for models to pick up. Should be a blast to paint.

For some reason the front on views of the hat versions make me think marching band. Just replace the weapons with instruments and paint piping down the sides of legs. :grinning:

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