eBay: Selling my best Warhammer Chaos Dwarf Army Book

So on ebay is my best army book, which is nearly mint condition:

Also a mint metal Earthshaker, and an almost mint Great Taurus, both with original boxes. They are linked in my other post.

Again, plenty of positive feedback on my previous trades at the old forum.
Thanks for checking this out - Hashut!


My dood, you’re less than an hours drive from me. :smiley:

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I’m just North of Philadelphia in Glenside [Abington Twp side] and my FLGS’s are 7th Dimension and Stomping Grounds. Are you in the this area? Best, Alex

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I’m in Wilmington, DE. I work close to center city Philly. I don’t play at my FLGS but those would be Warhammer in Wilmington & Showcase Comics in Swarthmore.

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