eBay: Selling Warhammer Taurus, Earthshaker

First post here - I didn’t realize we weren’t really using the old site at first! I haven’t been doing much WFB since I joined the real Army in 2015.

So, am selling off a few chosen pieces as I refine my Oldhammer project [I didn’t mean it to be an Oldhammer project…I just found out that’s what it is called now!]. I have a bunch of positive comments from the old forum, where I used the same “Aman” name.

In my other post, is a link to my best Warhammer Chaos Dwarf army book, which is in excellent condition, nearly perfect.

Selling an almost mint metal Great Taurus in the box:

and a mint metal [opened box] Earthshaker Cannon

Now that I know what dark whole of Nargothrond everyone has emigrated to, I will try and post here before hitting eBay [which is badly degraded from what it used to be] but meanwhile may the best evil dwarf win, and “Hashut!”