EFD's "Night on Grey Mountain" [BATG2023]

The roll continues apace!

Or apiece, whatever.

I’ve had a good run of weather, so done some priming:

There’s a few Chaos Dwarf things in there, for those inclined to look closely.

And I got inspired to update and expand my old Ogryn conversions I originally did in about 2004. I had thought to leave them in their original glory but I realised I had four spare bodies from my attempt at collecting Ogor Mawtribes last year, and I don’t think I’m physically capable of painting the last four to look like the first six.

I thought I had a full “before” picture of them, but alas it doesn’t appear to be the case. Here, instead, is the “I’ve assembled the new Ogryns and removed some terrible modelling and I haven’t put the greenstuff on yet” picture:

The grey-headed models are where I’ve popped off the old field caps. They were an excellent concept but they were LUMPY.

And heeeere is the fully-modelled unit of 10:

Which is all a long way of saying I (re-)painted an Ogryn:

So, one off the pile.

BATG Score: -18 :white_check_mark:


Oh man, Skarsnik and Gobbla… looking great. I’ve got him sitting in a box somewhere here and was just thinking last week about putting him and some other greenskins on the to-do list for 2024 here.


He’s a pretty awesome model, and easy to paint. I’m a big fan of Brian Nelson’s orcs and goblins, so very happy to have a few of them in my collection.

And it’s time for an update, too!

I’ve finished the next five of the Imperial Fuard that we’re on my desk:

And the full ten models went into the photo booth:

There’s more of them coming in the post, and today I also received a command squad on sprue:

Since this force is intended for Horus Heresy, I mainly grabbed this for the bits and bobs to supplement the larger guardsmen units and add some flavour.

Still, that’s five on the pile and five off the pile so a net difference of zero for today!

BATG Score: -18 :white_check_mark:


Two more Ogryns painted!

Two off the pile.


BATG Score: -20 :white_check_mark:


Three more Ogryn finished!

The four new ones are still WIP.

BATG Score: -23 :white_check_mark:


What a random pile! I do love it when the whims of motivation drift around and you just roll with it. You’ve painted quite the assortment of random things amidst the guard to get you the quantity.

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The big lads are ready for battle:

I finished the remaining Ogryns and got the light booth out to take a nice group photo.

Here’s the “from scratch” Ogryns:

And a glamour shot of the original six:

I did some experimenting with skin colours for this batch, with mixed success (Cygor Brown isn’t a great skin tone on its own).

I got a bit ahead of myself, since my actual inspiration here was that I wanted to make armoured Bullgryns for Horus Heresy. Ultimately though, I think the lesson here is that I really enjoy anything involving ogres, particularly the old Ogre Kingdoms kits!

Four off the pile, and that takes me (for now) to Bronze Tier! Wooooooh!

Let’s see how long that lasts.

BATG Score: -27 :white_check_mark:


Uh… slow day at work today so I painted The Wurmspat:

I used the same techniques as the Lord of Plagues, almost entirely contrast. Big shoutout to P3 Necrotite Green which is doing a lot of heavy lifting in the goo.

I don’t even play Underworlds, I just think the models are neat!

Also some more guardsmen arrived:


3 off the pile, 10 new models on the pile.

BATG Score: -20 :white_check_mark:


Truer words have never been said. For a while Underworlds was making the best Warhammer Fantasy minis you could get with stuff like Zarbag’s Gitz and Rippa’s Snarlfangs.

I love the ogryn army you’ve grown, they look really good


Thanks Pyro! I have Zarbag’s Gitz and the Grymwatch, too. They’re just such awesome, characterful models and they look fun to paint and put together.

Today’s update is more Ogryns:

A moderate addition to the pile, and hopefully I’m not getting too far ahead of myself with this purchase.

3 Bullgryns and ten more guardsmen. After these, I need a final 10 more guardsmen to get to the 50 I need for my Heresy Militia 1000 points.

I had intended to convert the Bullgryns but the models look so great in person that I think I’ll do at least one unit without any conversion work.

13 more models on the pile. Can I stay below 0? What will be my 200th model painted for the year?

Find out next time… or maybe the time after that, I dunno.

BATG score: -7 :white_check_mark:


A little more progress today with models 197, 198 and 199 for the year (unless I’ve miscounted which, let’s face it, is very possible).

Three assorted Imperial Guardsmen:

A sergeant/lieutenant for my command squad (with the yellow stripe helmets), a plasma gunner for the same and a trooper with a grenade launcher.

Astute observers will notice that I’ve used metals on the officer, in a departure from the rest of the soldiers in this force. I really wanted to replicate the Rogue Trader look, where command squads and officers have gold cuirasses, so I used a Lieutenant head on a spare sergeant body and painted him pretty.

Also, I think this might be the first time in over 25 years that I’ve bothered giving a power weapon a blue hue!

Three off the pile. Next is number 200! What will I paint? I haven’t decided yet, but it’ll be something neat before I launch into more guardsmen.

BATG Score: -10 :white_check_mark:


I decided to mark the occasion by painting the Chaos Dwarf Lord I built aaaages ago.

I’d already decided that I wanted to do the massive axe with a lava/forge-hot look but I’ve been taking him out and putting him away for months.

I’ll share some WIP pictures and thoughts about painting in my Chaos Dwarf blog shortly, and link here.

I think the 200th model deserved to be something special - although if I keep waiting for big milestones to paint my Chaos Dwarfs it’ll take me a decade or two!

Only one off the pile, but a great weight off the shoulders.

BATG Score: -11 :white_check_mark:


So good! I think I remember this kitbash. The lava axe is expertly done. Really makes the paint job pop. Congrats on 200!

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Thanks Reaver! I’m really happy with it. Maybe it’ll inspire me to paint more Chorfs before the year is done.

Today I’ve painted some Vanquisher turrets for my Leman Russ motor pool, so I can alternate my loadouts:

They’re just turrets so they don’t count towards the pile, but I’m sharing everything so they’re getting shown off.


Okay, this should be my last purchase for the year (saving Christmas presents, of course…)

Ten more Guardsmen. Enough to round out my first two Heresy Militia squads.

BATG score: -1 :white_check_mark:

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I was struck by a random burst of inspiration this afternoon and painted the barricades from my Kill Team starter:

Nothing complicated, just a grey undercoat, Leadbelcher, diluted Garaghak’s Sewer, and a speckling of Runefang Steel. Mournfang Brown around the bottom for rust.

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work and six off the pile while I wait for a good stretch to paint a heap more guardsmen.

BATG Score: -7 :white_check_mark: