Endless Spells for AoS

After the End Times I pretty much left 28mm gaming other than Blood Bowl, but began to get sucked in again slowly with the release of AoS 2nd ed and the wonderful Gloomspite Gitz release, so Ive been slow building a small gang of mushroom eaters. And to go with them a set of Endless Spells which I just finished the other day. Must say I really like the idea of summoning magic to the table rather than it always being an “instant”. Anyway, here they are…


Good work Tjub; would be interesting to see them next to you 15mm stuff. :wink:

Got loads of 15mm Chaos Dwarf related stuff coming! :slight_smile:
…or did you meant hat you wanted a size comparison?

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Yeah, the 15mm stuff next to the Endless Spells (maybe a Tjubling sorcerer has called down them on some unruly Tjubgobs :wink: )

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Really nicely done. I love the models too. I too loved the Gloomspite Gitz. Would love to see yours.

Awesome stuff! I am planning to model/sculpt my own Purple Sun. I imagine if that’s fun, I’ll make more.

Like you, 2nd edition AoS, and Gitz made me sit up and take notice. It wasn’t until Slaves to Darkness that I started making AoS models though. And not until Cities of Sigmar that I actually bought a Battletome.

Now I want to get a few more. But man, the pricing for army stuff right now is sooo high, that I’ve just been converting everything from miniatures that I already own.


Jupp, it would be really cool to modify your Endless Spells to go with your realm/army theme! Ive seen some pretty cool both “AoS28”/dark-themed and some Gitz-themed as well. Until GW release an evil/chaos Duardin faction AoS Is more of a hobby project for me, just enjoy making mushrooms and toying with the Gitz. :slight_smile:

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Really nice work there! Particular favourites are the Umbral Spellportals, the inside of the Geminids, the choice with the Suffocating Gravetide and the choice to make individual crystals colours for the Prismatic Palisade (rather than GW’s one colour with some sheens).

In White Dwarfs A Tale Of Four Warlords (last of the AoS one was the March issue, 452), someone did customise their Endless Spells. And in another issue previous. Things like using Dark Aelf swords and surpasses etc for a Daughters of Khaine Quicksilver Swords. Little things like that can be very thematic and love the idea of it - but I’m sticking with out of box until I’m a little more back into things :smiley:

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Stellar work, @tjub! The concept of Endless Spells is lovely, and the miniatures often perfect. Lots of fun and cool fantasy factor made visual. You’ve done them full justice. :slight_smile:

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