Evil Dwarf hat fashion (3D printable) - sculpted by cioddi

Great to see everyone on the new forum.
Some of you have already seen them on facebook or thingiverse. I have sculpted some bighats (hats only) to give you some proper big hat options for monopose, mantic (other manufacturer), conversions or model you have sculpted yourself.

Hat pack - Infernal Dwarves - 28mm on #Thingiverse Hat pack - Infernal Dwarves - 28mm by maxtobiasweber - Thingiverse

Finally got around to print (luckily the temperatures rose a bit lately bringing the viscosity of my resin to a usable state) and slap some paint on them. And I even took some fotos with the good camera so everyone can see what a lousy paint job I have done.

First a few photos of the hats on a monopose dwarf (group shots with some metal bighats).

And some shots with the old abyssal dwarf mantic models.

I hope you like them. If You don’t have a printer, ask around maybe your local makerspace, library or flgs can print them for you.


Outstanding! Well made and well done.

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Superb, really impressive! You should try you hand a some whole models or new concepts for Big Hats. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:
Will add these to a “Printable archive/collection” of some sort here on CDO later on. :slight_smile:

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Hashut be praised! Send this saint some slaves!

@Cioddi I checked out your thingiverse page! Some really cool stuff on there. Shared it with a mate of mine.

I’m doing him a favour helping write background for a game he’s designing and to say thank you to me he sent me this image

Saying he was gonna use his 3D printer to send me a thank you!

So hopefully your bull centaur will be finding its way into my army soon!

Keep up the good work man! If I ever get around to owning a printer myself I bet it will be a page I use often!