Ewal Dvergar live on kickstarter

The long waited for Ewal Dvergar kickstarter is live


Follow this link and mention you came from the forum in your survey to get the General free either on foot or mounted on his two headed boar.

Also we would like to invite this forum to participate in the future of Ewal Dvergar - we are committed to expanding the range and ensuring they stay in production as Oldschool Miniatures. To this end will will support the forum going forward and you can help us decide on future models.


Your kickstarter is the 1st i have ever backed. Its great you are putting in the effort to do this release right
Im asa moyce on there . I couldn’t see your survey to try and claim a general though!


the survey will come after the kickstarter when we ask you what you want to spend your coins on


Doing wonders for Chaos Dwarf collectors! You have successfully broken my indomitable will focused on decreasing my grey pile and offered up the first minis I will purchase this year.

I’m Jared Foster over on Kickstarter with the same avatar image.

Keep up the great work!


I recognised the perforator from our cdo competition. Thats great that a model will be based on williams idea…congrats william!

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Oldschool Miniatures would like to run a competition with the prize being a chance to have your models made later in the year if the community would be interested


Sounds like the sort of thing to talk to @Admiral about.

Sounds great!

There already is an intiative about sculpting stuff that was recently created @Reaver knows a lot about this.


very… VERY! interested. definitely get this on Admiral’s radar for a future Artisan’s contest