Feeling very ignorant....the Turkmanharm?

So…I was watching this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2g1C4_QiQI As I really like this guy’s chaos army. He really understands the ‘feel’ of 3rd edition.

Anyway, he’s introducing his army and at around 1 minute 50 of the video he talks about one of his heroes.

Kazakh the befouled, who was a special character in the book…The Turkmanharm (or something) “…which mainly had Chaos Dwarfs in it, and other things”.

Anyway, I’m totally in the dark here…Is this a GW novel or is this a historical or mythical book?

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Tamurkhan is a forgeworld campaign book and also our entire chaos dwarf 8th ed codex. Costs about 150 and is very nice


Ahhhh well that’s rather conclusive. Right out of my area of knowledge.

Thank you very much.

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Adding to @LaketideMiniatures 's response, there are also two (or more?) Free Age of Sigmar warscrolls compendiums for Tamurkhan’s Horde. One from AoS 1.0 (2017) and one from 3.0 (2021).

The 2021 version is still available free to download from the warhammer community website