Female Chaos Dwarf by Mad Dok Lab

We finished the first female dwarf! The set will include 4 head options, 2 hairstyles for a head without a helmet, as well as an option with a braid and without a braid for a head in a helmet.



Holy Hell!
Much much welcomed miniature. Amazing work.

I’ve always wanted a female CD Mordheim army hope more come out - awesome stuff

That looks absolutely fantastic, especially to have the options with the head!

Gotta say, @WillLiam, my first thought was Mordheim too! Her and Titan Wargames’ female seems a good start, maybe modify an old Dwarf Queen Helga too :stuck_out_tongue:

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WiP of the third Female Dwarf/Evil Dwarf


Excellent design! I’d love to see the actual painted mini!

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