Fimir Project

I went and made some Fimir…

@Admiral - am i right that the Fimir army book I found online was penned by yourself? Because I’m using it is as the basis for a warlords or erewhon Fimir army list. It’s been a great resource


Wonderful Fimir! I love the conversions, vivid bases and gorgeous painting. Such an immense atmosphere with the tufts of grass and mushrooms growing on them!

Ah, no! I’ve never been involved in Fimir circles like that, and haven’t written an army book for them.

Only sculpted one trophy Fimir head for my Chaos Dwarf headhunters. They’re certainly an intriguing faction, and being a real fringe faction in the background means they could well be something I’d cook up homebrew stuff for in the future. So perhaps it’s just a matter of time. :wink:


Ah haha - my mistake. Just realised - Same first name but different second name to you. Imagine two people in the whole internet having the same first name :joy::see_no_evil:


Those are great. Even ignoring the mad sculpting skills you’ve done a bangup job on the painting and basing…they look like they are barely out of the fens and swamps in which they dwell.

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Amazing, I miss the Fimir.

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Oh, wonderful conversions! Based on Savage Orcs? They have a great swampy vibe to them!
Do you have any pre painting photos as well? :slight_smile:

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Very cool conversions! Like them a lot! :metal:

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Yes @tjub savage orcs minus ears and chins and attacked with green stuff/texture paint haha

Here are the WIP pics:


Looks great, almost tempted to give it a try… :smiley:


Well worth doing. It’s so easy mate. Probably why I feel a “small” (big) army coming on haha


Smooth sculpting there! Very convincing look. Also, Mathias Eliasson do share my exact first name down to spelling, and is also a Swedish Warhammer background lover (never met him, though), so that’s understandable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep going strong!

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Well done on the Fimir sculpts! Have been tempted to start a Fimir army over the years, but usually too cost prohibitive. This is a great way to go!

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As some of you may know I recently bought a 3D printer. Managed to buck the trend and not fail on my first print!

Painted up the witch bag to lead these fimir in the same style as the others

Then, super smug, managed to fail on my second print! One warrior was rescuable but the other two were a mess!

Once cleaned up the rescuable one looks pretty good tho!

So not all was lost :smiley:


The reasons for getting into 3D printing just won’t stop multiplying. :smile: Love the paintjob on the witch, especially the plaid, it looks gorgeous (great work with those shades of green)!


Cool, looks great! Wish I had the space…


Latest addition!


Stunning! The excellent painting is backed up by top notch basing and overall detailwork. Highly evocative and lively. :slight_smile:

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It wouldn’t be a fimir warband if the old heroquest dudes didn’t show their face at some point :smiley:


What a cool thread! Amazing work, love those conversions, didn’t even know they were at first glance :grin:

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This is just so thematic and good! Great project, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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