Fingers glued together and other scratchbuild & conversions etc

So after peopla at Discord said that I should show some of me projects and/or just start actually making stuff rather just coming up more and more crazy projects, I decided to put little blog. Some of the stuff here will be drawn sketch which might actually end up builded and I might, GASP!, paint somethings… Some of these are for 40k, and others will be for

So ye have been warned!

First we have sketch of Goff KMB Deff Dread:

This is planned to be build using empty white snuff discs and takes inspiration from couple steam mechs from game Ironcast.

And today I started me long planned ork jetbike project which uses various plastic bottle caps, sprue bits and various random bits like Lego etc as basic parts:

Yellow Lego part is going to be engine/power generator.

Front is cap of sparkling wine, which I spend maybe half hour to add damage, which doesn’t show well in this stage but will be more visible once I paint in the future…

Now I have to continue remowing super glue from fingers as I did manage get quite much it to all of ten of them…


Small poll/question:

Which one of these looks better in that engine/generator part (there will be power cable starting in middle which will lead to back of the bike:

And progress on the bike this far:

Btw, if someone is wandering, me phone only has working camera on the side the screen is… :sweat_smile:


I was looking more parts/ materials for scratch building and re-discovered this one:

It was going to be battlewagon, but it bit too big for that, did get carried away a bit… :sweat_smile: So I was thinking that I could make kind of terrain piece of it and make it to Ork super heavy bommer, which did have rules in 7th ed Forge World, but curtently is only available in Aeronautica. Would make quite cool terrain center piece, right?


Review of things to come:

Starting to put together about 500-1000 pts of Bonesplitterz using old plastic fantasy orcz as base. Now need to start convertingHedkrakka’s Madmob, althought I should have some models almost ready for that…

Starting to paint first batch tomorrow morning, including Savage Big Boss conversion I made in convention few years ago.


keep it up, looking forward to seeing the first painted orcies!


Go for the Super Heavy Bommer most definitely! Would be an awesome start for that. Well done!

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Some building, well fixing old conversion, and painting done. Meant to used as savage orruk in AoS and Warcry.

Oopsie, forgot to post the pics… :sweat_smile: