Fireborn Proxies

I’ve honestly been trying to find some good K’daai models for a while now (partially because I like their fluff and also because I run a group of Fireborn in both my CD lists lol). I found these guys and I think they work alright!


Aha, these are the Dweghom - Inferno Automata, I’ve only seen them on the Para Bellum Games website. They look pretty cool, unfortunately I can hardly see any contrasts in your models, is that because of the photo, or are the models intentionally painted so dark? Nevertheless, chic and also (in relation to the original FW models) inexpensive choice. :beer:

Could you probably make other photos so that one can see more details? :wink:


There aren’t a lot of contrasts to be honest, I used a lighter metal on their shoulders and some of their details, but in general it’s a basic color scheme. I’ll gladly take more pictures for ya!

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First time posting…but I had looked all over for proxies, and I just liked the FW ones too much, so I attempted to recreate them. This is just a quick shot, but are they close enough do you think?


Wait, what? Damn people have modeling skills :sweat_smile: looking very good!

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