First try at 15 mm

The tjublings give me an inspiration to tray sculpt in that size.
This small baddy take from me 6 hours of work. 15 mm to top of hat. 10 mm to eyes.

And i started taurus in same size.


Gorgeous, master Rozmax! Highest quality as ever. Impressive detail level, too, as ever. :slight_smile:

Oh, cool! Looks great as well… :smiley:
Amazing details, at the level of the Demon World range from Real Partha. Looking forward to see that Taurus as well. :drooling_face:

Wings coming



Wow, that’s a very cool ‘mini’, the Taurus is looking great too I’m very much interested in where this leads to…

These are coming out amazing! If I wasn’t already invested, I would consider switching scales. That stated, I would advise not to keep the Hello Kitty as the taurus rider. While very, very chaos, not at all chaos Dwarf. :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh my… just… oh my. :star_struck:

That Taurus is amazing! Do you have plans for a Lammasu as well?