Fixem's Chaos Dwarf army and the Naggrund Bulls

Hi, I am something of a long beard and was around in the 90’s to be able to actually buy a lot of my chaos dwarfs in blister packs in GW for what seemed like an expensive £3 or £4 a time.

I also have a clear memory of the days the stores stopped stocking the metal Chorf figs and the great sell off which happened at the time and leaving that day with armfuls of discounted minis.

i’m now much older and looking at the ebay prices as i try to complete my collection i wish i had grabbed more at the time.

I sort of fell out of the hobby as I got older. I moved out of the house and got into girls and drinking and going out and the general things that young adults of that age in the late 90s and into the naughties tended to get into.

After I moved out, my little brother decided to ‘borrow’ my mini’s during which time they unfortunately sustained some abuse.

Many (many) years later, as lockdown was coming to an end, that same little brother persuaded me to join our local game club to play some BloodBowl, he even printed me a Chaos Dwarf team and I dug out my old paints.

Meet the Naggrund Bulls:

After this I went for a dig in my brother’s attic and managed to find my old Chaos Dwarfs, a little battered and missing a few minis but for the most part still present even if ashamedly only partially painted.

Since then i have been going through and getting them painted, my skill level isn’t great but i’m getting there;


What a great start to a blog! welcome to cdo. The printed team was a good apology by your brother. So many of us lose interest around uni years and come back years later.


Welcome to CDO!

I really love the Lammasu, the colour choices are great and he really pops. I’m envious of the collection as a whole, you’ve got a lot of exciting minis in there!

The blood bowl team also looks great, you’ve really nailed a vibe with it.


Also from my side a warm welcome to CDO, the best miniatures forum in the world and the Otherworld! :hatoff:

You’ve made a very nice start, now I’m looking forward to many more pictures of painted CDs! :beer:


Thanks for all your kind comments. i was very happy to find this place and discover that there is a community who still appreciate the best faction in the old world.

Since the last post I decided to fix my Lord on the Taurus. Long ago he was given a very thick undercoat of blood angel red and glued together with whatever Jelly super glue 13 year old me had managed to pilfer from Dads toolbox. The lords banner has also unfortunately gone missing to the mists of time.

This meant that a lot of detail was lost and he was coming to pieces so the first step was to get him cleaned up. At the same time I had managed to pick up some of the classic 80’s chorfs on ebay for a pretty good price. The petard and bazooka teams were also suffering from a bit too much paint and so they too went in the tub.

Much scrubbing later and they were looking as good as new

i was keen to do a better job assembling him this time around so cracked out the green stuff to fill any gaps and to form a better base for the wings.

And him painted, at least enough for the battlefield. I’m hoping that if i keep with this then eventually i’ll get better and then maybe go back and touch up his paint job.

I also painted up the 80’s Artillery teams…

some other classic 80’s chorfs…

and some bolt throwers from my old collection…

Next up some more 80’s classics including my favorite… and the Hellcannon!


Wonderful stuff! Warms my heart


Looking great, I’m a big fan of this army. I really like the artillery crew and the taurus.


It’s been a busy few weeks but continuing to make progress, as promised here’s my favorite lad it’s…

Mini Slambo! and everyone knows Mini Slambo is best Slambo.

here he is with a few more 80’s classics…

But the big project for the last few weeks has been the Hellcannon. I managed to pick up a metal cannon on ebay but it was missing the crew and a few other parts including the demon skull, it’s crew and the skull piles. I managed to pick up a crew separately and for the rest of the bits it was time to crack out the 3D printer.

This was actually the second attempt at the demon skull, first time round i messed up the measurements somewhat

Most of these I see on rocky/lava bases and that looks great but I fancied doing something a little different so went for the shoreline look…

Spot the upcoming projects in that pic… i really need to stay off ebay.

Anyway here’s the finished cannon…

Till next time :smiley: