Forge Queen and other Dragons by Draco Studios

Off topic but potentially of use for some folks here. I’ve been printing some parts from Draco Studios and Lair3D’s kickstarters. Campaigns have been well run and the digital sculpts are top notch. Their Dragons of the Red Moon campaign is reaching digital fulfillment with resin minis still in process.

Their latest ongoing endeavor, Legendary Dragons, has a lot of potential as well (entirely digital campaign).

I recently finished up a bust of the Forge Queen which could be a potential monstrous creature proxy for the Dawi Zharr. Still working on printing the full dragon to scale. More to come…

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Dehrilya, the Forge Queen

Lore snippet:

The low, furious roar of molten rock abounds in the depths of the Volcano Nurazhirme. The magma that would become crystallized upon contact with the outside reaches of the Red Moon feeds the mightiest forge to ever be built. So, the queen builds and transforms the most structurally sound materials into tools of nameless power.

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A Beast of War. Captured and subject of a wizard’s dark fascinations within an enchanted tower, Balaur was cruelly vivisected and stripped of all his scales. Eventually, the dragon snapped and devoured the wizard. A band of duergars found Balaur inside the unprotected tower and they offered to rehabilitate him with a new armor in exchange of having the dragon march with their army.

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The Eternal. Zuth represents the force of opposites and harmonious balance. Zuth is nature’s enormous and ultimate expression of impersonal will to correct dysfunction. Communication with Zuth is difficult for being in the form of telepathic imagery and animal emotions. Zuth cannot be destroyed forever; it may take centuries, but eventually, an exact duplicate will always return to continue with Nature’s incomprehensible cullings.

These are just a couple of the dragons that I found to be of particular interest for the Zharr inclined hobbyist.

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First of all “Zharr inclined hobbyist” is want I want on my tombstone :grin::wink:
And second of all I’m really going to have to get a 3D printer soon :man_shrugging:t2: there’s just so much great stuff around now


There is quite an amazing amount of content out there, both free and paid. It was nice to be able to lean on free models while learning the ins and outs of my printer, tinkering with settings, and gradually increasing complexity. Eventually I’ll want to transition to resin printing but FDM is friendly for newcomers. Been printing a lot of paint holders and other quality of hobby life upgrades.

Now I’m going to have these dragons, some Soulsborne bosses, and all the LK terrain my printer can handle in backlog.

Finished printing this 8.5” tall beast, the Forge Queen. Probably about 50 hours of print time. Only had to re-do one of the wings when a support was pulled over.


Awesome digital sculpt. What kind of printer do you have. Mine is apparently dead so thinking of what to replace it with.

I have a Prusa i3. Definitely recommend the printer and the Prusa brand in general. The price tag is steeper than some but the Prusa support and online community is great. Someday I may consider getting a resin printer from them especially if they roll out a gen 2 version. For projects like these dragons and the upcoming LK terrain, I’m happy with my choice.

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Quick airbrush scheme of another dragon bust from Dragons of the Red Moon before I start the voyage of printing the full deal. It’s definitely fun to experiment with other types of painting and step away from the Warhammer scale for a minute.


Another finished print from their Red Moon dragons. They’re reaching stl fulfillment for the legendary dragons. Got one of those on the printer now.


And now for something completely different, a dragon with 3 heads…

shouts from offscreen He’s not here yet!

Two heads? Ah here he is


At least this dragon is small enough to fit in my light box… Wasn’t originally one of my favorites from the campaign but after seeing the sculpt I thought it had some cool Soulsborne vibes. Looking forward to getting this under the airbrush for priming.


Got going on priming and laying in color with the airbrush after power outages and severe weather interrupted my weekend.

These dragons are a fun canvas to play around with. I’ve been liking the warcolours sets to get nice gradients and have enjoyed the transparent style paints more than I imagined.


Some quick and dirty brush painting on top of the airbrushed lava colors. I’m unsure if I just wanted it finished so I could easily justify printing another one…


Still learning how to paint large FDM prints but enjoying these dragons as a good change of pace.


The detail you are getting out of fdm is amazing :scream:

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Thanks! I think I’ve been pleasantly surprised with what can be done at 0.1mm layers (sometimes 0.07mm). Tweaking the orientation of each part is probably the biggest factor, that last dragon was over 20 pieces.

Good Practice for all of the Lost Kingdom terrain I got in the kickstarter!


Naghi the petrified dragon. Just need to find a good filament to print the spectral form that can attach to the front


More of an arcane style dragon this time but another fresh off the printer. This time printing for some friends as a gift, so the debate begins as to printing one for myself or not… If I ever were to kitbash a Tzeentch heldrake this dragon would make for some great parts…