Forge Queen and other Dragons by Draco Studios

At least this dragon is small enough to fit in my light box… Wasn’t originally one of my favorites from the campaign but after seeing the sculpt I thought it had some cool Soulsborne vibes. Looking forward to getting this under the airbrush for priming.


Got going on priming and laying in color with the airbrush after power outages and severe weather interrupted my weekend.

These dragons are a fun canvas to play around with. I’ve been liking the warcolours sets to get nice gradients and have enjoyed the transparent style paints more than I imagined.


Some quick and dirty brush painting on top of the airbrushed lava colors. I’m unsure if I just wanted it finished so I could easily justify printing another one…


Still learning how to paint large FDM prints but enjoying these dragons as a good change of pace.


The detail you are getting out of fdm is amazing :scream:

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Thanks! I think I’ve been pleasantly surprised with what can be done at 0.1mm layers (sometimes 0.07mm). Tweaking the orientation of each part is probably the biggest factor, that last dragon was over 20 pieces.

Good Practice for all of the Lost Kingdom terrain I got in the kickstarter!


Naghi the petrified dragon. Just need to find a good filament to print the spectral form that can attach to the front


More of an arcane style dragon this time but another fresh off the printer. This time printing for some friends as a gift, so the debate begins as to printing one for myself or not… If I ever were to kitbash a Tzeentch heldrake this dragon would make for some great parts…


Kinda looks like the love child of a dragon with a Phoenix. :wink:


Filament arrived for the spectral form. One arduous day of printer babysitting later and this dragon is complete. Definitely have more to learn about these translucent filaments, more finicky than what I usually work with.


Been a good bit since I visited the dragons’ lair but I finished printing and basing the two headed dragon and decided to have a go at speed painting it. For a giant model with about 3 hours into it, I’m pretty happy.


The colors came out beautifully. The green has that lizardly iridescence, so well exectued. Need to get into 3D priting one of these days (or find a friend who has), but would need to build an addition onto my garage to have the space to do it…

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Thanks Jackswift! I have said this before I’d wager but I’ve been enjoying using @warcolours translucent paints (in this instance turquoise) as they seem to be very forgiving, give you a lot of control over transitions, and retain depth from the basecoats.

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@warcolours are on my list to try and your recommendation moves them higher. Perhaps I’ll win a set one of these days :eye:. Been wanting to replace the Army Painter set I’ve been working with. Low price point, and many love them, but I really struggled getting a good consistent result with them for the first year or so. Working with them better now, but keeping my eye out out for a good deal on Vallejo, Scale 75 or similar… and now @warcolours.


absolutely, @Oxymandias has put the Warcolours one-coats to good use. And I’ve had good luck with the standard, translucent, and specialty sets. So I’d wager there’s something there for most anyone.

My physical Kickstarter reward for Dragons of the Red Moon finally arrived, a resin model of Nixis the Dracolich. It was a rather tricky build with tons of pinning needed. Worth the effort and glad I chose this one as the reward so I didn’t have to attempt printing all of those spines.

I’m a big fan of undead dragons and the design of Nixis brought me to this company. Great to see a full skeletal rendition and not a typical zombie dragon.


Sweet! and easy to paint too!
its a lovely model!


Nixis painted up pretty fast! Glad I got the base with the resin kit as it added to the look I think. @Disciple_of_Nagash have your unliving folk seen this “miniature” by Draco Studios?


Beautiful model, great painting and ingenious base! What more could you want? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Stumbled upon some motivation to knock out another large FDM scheme. Some hurdles had kept this on the back burner for a long time. The clear FDM filament had given me troubles and I really didn’t want to babysit this 18 hour ghost print again… And it would be difficult to backtrack once paint was applied. Couple that with some annoying heat gun work needed to get the spectral projection to fit…

Took the leap and committed. Airbrushed some blue/green/turquoise mixed with satin varnish over the ghost to keep some of the foggy FDM clear coming through. Speed painted in a sitting and I’m pretty happy with the results.