[FOUND] Looing for CD Renagade Doomaxe the Dreaded

Hey guys,
i miss only this model from the classic Chaos Dwarf Renegade range

does any of you have it to spare?
beware i need the first version, not the following one with ram horns

Based in a :shed: in Italy


this will be impossible to find, but


I can see three on eBay but one looks like a recast, one is damaged and one is part of a £100 lot. Might be worth messaging the seller and asking if he would split it up. It’s item number 175368786958

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Awesome lot! contacted him immediatly xD
im looking at those on ebay for weeks already, way too expensive and recasts indeed.
I tried to contact the cheapest i found is 133663314296 (37 euros x_x) and the user was a major dick too

luckily im in no hurry, but missing only that model is bogging my mind ahuahuhauhua


Another one just showed up, 125828407345.

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Uuuuuuu man!!! I set the watch list!!!
Thank you!!

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i won this one for really cheap!
my search is now complete!!


Well done Ed - great mini

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